Creme De Vermicel, Ou De Ris - Cream With Vermicelli, Or Rice

Boil some Vermicelli or Rice in Milk until it is a Marmalade; let it cool, and mix it very well with a pint of Cream, Macaroni - drops, Orange-flowers, and Lemon-peel, all chopped very fine, with a little pounded Cinnamon, five whole Eggs well beat up, and Sugar-powder according to taste; pour it on the Table-dish; bake it as usual, or in a soft Oven.

Crime A La Strasbourg - A City In Alsatia, Or The Inventor's Name

Boil a pint of Cream and Sugar, and reduce it to about half; put the Skin of a Gizzard chopped therein, a moment before you take it off the Fire; put the Dish on a very slow Fire a little while; then sift the Cream in it, when it has been a little while between two Fires as usual; ice it on the same Dish without stirring it.

Creme A La Dauphine - Dauphin Cream

Beat up six Yolks of Eggs, and a spoonful of Flour, Sugar, Orange-flowers, Citron, Macaroni-drops, and a pint of Cream; boil it about half an hour, stirring continually, and add a little Cream, if it become too thick in the boiling: When it is almost cold, put the Whites of four Eggs beat up to it, and pour part of the Cream into the Dish; then place slices of Spunge-biscuits, or any other sorts therein, then Cream, and so on, finishing with the Cream; bake it in the Oven, and glaze it, as already directed for Cream-glazing.

Crème Au Gratin. Glazed Cream

Beat up half a dozen of Eggs, and a spoonful of Flour, chopped preserved Citron, Macaroni, and Orange-flowers, Pralinees, and a pint of Cream and Sugar; put the Dish on a pretty smart Fire, and pour the Cream into it by little and little, to catch at bottom without burning; it only requires proper attention to make a very palatable Cream: When done, glaze the top with a little Sugar, and a hot Shovel or Salamander.

Crème Au Caramel - Caramel Cream

Boil a pint of Cream, with Lemon-peel and Coriander-seed; strain it, and make a Caramel, as directed for Craquante au Caramel; when it is of a good Colour, mix it with the Cream, and give it a boiling; then add five or six Yolks of Eggs, beat up with a spoonful of Flour; boil all together a moment, and finish it as usual between two slow Fires.

Creme Meringuée

Whites of Eggs frothed, called Meringuee: Also a Syringe, made on purpose to squirt a thick Cream to fry.

Beat up six Yolks of Eggs, with one spoonful of Flour, preserved Citron, Orange-flowers, and Macaroni-drops, all finely chopped, a pint of Cream and Sugar; boil together slowly about half an hour; then put it on the Table-dish, and smooth it even with a knife; froth up the Whites with a little Sugar, put the Froth as it is whipped upon the Cream, and finish it Sugar-loaf fashion: It will stand so, if the Eggs are well beat up: Strew a little fine Powder-sugar over it, and bake it in a mild Oven, as for Biscuits.

Autre Crème Meringuée, Another Frothed Cream

Beat up the same quantity of Eggs with a spoon-ful of Flour or two; boil half a pint of Cream, with Cinnamon, Coriander-feeds, and one Bay-leaf; put the Eggs to it, to boil and thicken a moment: It must be pretty thick, which you may do by adding Flour and Sugar, according to Discretion; warm some frying Hog's Lard, and when hot, squirt the Cream into it to fry of a fine colour.