Crème Souffl'ee. Raised, Or Puff Cream

Prepare a Cream as the first Meringuée; boil it in the same manner; then add six Yolks of Eggs beat up, and mix all together with a little more Cream; put it upon the Table-dish, and bake it in a middling Oven; it will rile pretty high; and to keep it so, leave it in the Oven till you are ready to serve, as, it will fink if it is suffered to cool.

Creme A, La Reine - Queen's Cream

Boil a pint of Cream till half reduced, with fine Sugar, and Orange-slower Water: When half cold, mix it with six Whites of Eggs well beat up; bake it between two very moderate Fires, and let it remain in its natural colour.

Creme D'oeufs A L'eau. Eggs And Water Cream

Boil a pint of Water to about half slowly, with Cinnamon, Coriander- seeds, Lemon-peel, Orange-slower Water, a small quantity of Sugar, and preferred Citron; let it cool a while, then mix six Yolks of Eggs, and a spoonful of Flour, well beat up together; sift it in a Sieve, and bake it between two slow Fires; colour it brown, with a little powdered Sugar and a hot Salamander.

Creme Au Blanc-mange - Cream Like Blanc Mange

Pound a quarter of a pound of sweet Almonds, and the Breast of a roasted Fowl; add six Yolks of Eggs, a few spoonfuls of good Cullis, a little Water boiled with Coriander, and a little Sugar; strain it in a sifting Cloth several times, rubbing with a wooden Spoon; bake it as the former.

Creme D'ecrevisses. Craw - Fish Cream

Boil a pint of Cream and fine Sugar; reduce it to about half; pound the Carcases of eight or more Craw-fish, put them to this Cream, with the Skin of a Fowl's Gizzard, and boil for about a quarter of an hour; then sift it as the last, and finish it after the same manner: You may serve it in its natural colour, or ice it.

Creme Bachique; or Bucchus, from Bacchanal's Feast, kept in honour of the God of Wine, as the Receipt shows.

Boil three half-pints of sweet Wine for about a quarter of an hour with a little Sugar; when half cold, add to it one dozen Yolks of Eggs well beat up; bake it as usual, and ice it afterwards.

Crime A La Bourgogne, Burgundy Cream

Boil a pint of Milk, with a bit of Lemon-peel, Orange-slower Water, and a bit of Sugar; boil also a quarter of a pound of Rice in a little Water till it is tender and becomes thick; then add the Milk to it by little and little, until all is boiled quite thick; sift it in a Stamine as a Cullis, and mix it well with. six or eight Whites of Eggs well beat up; put it into the Table-dish, and bake it in a mild Oven, or with a Brazing-pan Cover: When ready to serve, glaze it with a little Sugar strewed over it, and the Salamander or hot Shovel, to catch slightly upon the Sugar.

Crime De Ris Au Bouillon. Rice Cream Boiled In Broth

Boil about a quarter of a pound of Rice in Broth, until it is boiled very tender and pretty thick, adding a couple of bitter Almonds pounded, when half boiled, a little Coriander, and some good Cullis; boil all together some time, then strain it in a Stamine, and finish it as usual; serve hot. - A Rice Cream is also made to serve cold, with Rice Flour, Cream, Lemon-peel, and Sugar; boil it some time, sift as the first, and finish it in the same manner as all cold Cream. Most Creams ought to be served cold, as they are commonly eaten at the latter part of the Repast: If it is served hot, then it is neither one nor the other, a la Duchesse. See Cream a la Sultane. It is prepared the same on the first part, only glazed with whipped Whites of Eggs and Sugar when ready to serve, and coloured with a hot Shovel, instead of being garnished with Orange-flowers preserved; or burnt, like what is called burnt Almonds.

Crime A La Nourrice, Nurse Fashion, Or Nurse Cream

Beat up six Yolks of Eggs and two Whites, with a spoonful of Flour, a pint of Cream, Sugar, Citron, Orange-flowers, and Macaroni-drops, as before directed; boil these together, stirring continually: When it is grown pretty thick, pour it upon the Dish for Table; simmer it a good while on a slow Fire, sufficient to make it catch a little, and colour the top with a hot Shovel.