Baignets Italiens. Fritures, Italian Fashion

Boil a quarter of a pound of Rice very tender in Milk; when it is pretty thick, put a little Salt, some fine Sugar, Orange-flowers preserved, green chopped Lemon-peel, a handful of Flour, and three whole Eggs; mix it all very well, and add some Currants, or a couple of good Apples peeled and cut into small bits; butter a sheet of Paper, and put this preparation upon it singly with spoon, each about the bigness of a large Nutmeg; put this sheet of Paper into hot Friture: When the Baignets quit the Paper, take them out, and continue frying till they are of a good colour; drain them upon a Sieve, strew a little Sugar-powder upon them, and serve as hot as posslble.

Baignets A L'angloise. Fritures, English Fashion

Beat up six whole Eggs, with a good handful of Flour, Salt, fine Sugar, green Lemon-peel chopped, Orange-flower Water, Macaroni-drops bruised, land half a pint of good rich Cream; rub the inside of a Stew-pan with Butter, and boil this preparation slowly between two Fires without stirring it: When it is simmered thick enough, turn it over upon a Dish, and let it cool to harden it; when you mean to use it, cut it into small pieces, fry it of a good colour, and finish as the last.

Baignets En Surtout - Masked Fritures

Make a good Cream as directed for Franchipane or Marrow; it must be pretty thick: When it is cold, roll it in small balls, and dip them in a good thick Wine Batter to fry; glaze them with Sugar and a hot Shovel, and serve quite hot.

Baignets D'amandes - Almond Fritures

Pound half a pound of sweet Almonds, and six or eight bitter ones, Orange-flowers, chopped Lemon-peel, Sugar in proportion, a handful of Flour, and two or three Whites of Eggs; pound all together some time, adding a few drops of Water, or more Whites of Eggs, to make it of a proper suppleness to roll into little balls; roll them in Flour to fry as Force - meat Balls: Strew a little fine Sugar-powder upon them when ready to serve.

Baignets Souffles De Pâté - Raised Paste Fritures

Make a Paste as directed in Pâté Royale, page 394. Mix preserved Citron, Orange-flowers chopped fine, and Macaroni-drops as usual; spread it upon a Dish, with a little Flour under and over; cut it to roll into bullets the bigness of a Nutmeg, and fry in a middling hot Friture on a slow Fire, as they require a longer time to raise than a lighter composition; fry of a good brown colour, drain them as usual, and serve quite hot with rasped Sugar over.

Baignets De Pain A Chanter - Wafer Fritures

Cut two pretty large pieces of Wafer, and wet them a little to hinder them from breaking: lay a little Sweet-meat, or a good ready-boiled Cream between two bits, wet the Borders round to pinch them together, dip each gently in a pretty thick frying Batter, and fry as usual of a good colour, about a dozen for a Dish: Serve with Sugar as the last.

Baignets De Blanc-mange - Blanc - Mange Fritures

Mix a quarter of a pound of Rice-flour, with a couple of Eggs, some fine Sugar, a little Salt, and a pint of Cream; simmer it on a slow fire about an hour, stirring it often for fear it should burn at the bottom: When it is quite thick, add pounded Breast of Fowl, Orange-flowers, Macaroni-drops, and fine chopped Citron; flatten it like a Paste with Flour, let it cool, and cut it in what shape you please to fry: Finish with rasped Sugar as usual, or glazed.