Pâté A La Reine - Queen Paste

It is done after the same manner as the last, except that you are to use Cream instead of Water; it will have a richer taste, but will not be so light.

Pâté A L'espagnole - Paste, Spanish Fashion

Make a hole in the middle of the Flour; put Salt to it, and half Butter and half fresh Hog's Lard; mix it with warm Water, make it pretty firm, and let it rest; cut it in several pieces, roll each as thin as possible, and rub each leaf with melted Hog's Lard; put all the pieces one upon another, roll them together, and let it cool; cut it with a knife, to put to what use you please.

Pâté A Canellon

A particular Paste, to bake or fry any thing in.

Melt a little Butter in a glass of Water, some fine rasped Lemon Peel, and an Egg; take halt as much Powder Sugar as Flour, mix them, and work them with the above Liquid; put Flour enough to keep it firm.


Pâté Au Ris. Rice Paste

Work some Flour with a couple of Eggs, and a little Water; let it rest: Have some Rice boiled very tender in good rich Broth;. when it is cold, pound it in a Mortar, with the ready prepared Paste, and a little Butter, until it is properly mixed. - It will serve for any sorts of Cakes, as all other Paste.

Pâté, Au Beurre D'ecrevisses. Paste With Crawfish Butter

Upon a pound of Flour, put a quarter of a pound of this Butter, one Egg, a little Water and Salt, and work it as all other Paste.

Pâté Au Sucre, Sugar Paste

For a pound of Flour, take a quarter of a pound of Sugar, as much Butter, a little Salt, Water, and one Egg. - This Paste may serve for any Second-course Dish.

Pâté Au Frontage

Cheese Paste. Make a Paste with a Cream Cheese and Flour, a little Butter, three or four Eggs, (both Yolks and Whites) and some good Cream; you must judge of the quantity of Flour, according to the quantity of Cheese, and the consistence you would have the Paste. This may be put to the same use as the former. - The Cheese thus used must be understood as a ready-made Cheese, as hereafter directed.

Pâté A La Duchesse - The Duchess's Paste

W0RK about half a pound of Flour, with three Eggs, a quarter of a pound of Sugar, a little Salt, and as much good Spanish sweet Wine as is necessary to keep the Paste pretty firm. - 'This Paste may serve for a number of Second-course Dishes, being used with any sorts of Cream, or Sweet-meats, or Sugar, froughted, fried, or baked.

Pâté D'amande Almond Paste

According to the quantity of Paste wanted, scald and peel sweet Almonds, with a few bitter ones amongst them; pound them in a Mortar, add a little Whites of Eggs now and then, to hinder them from oiling; then put them on a middling fire, with two thirds of Sugar to one of Almonds; (putting in the Sugar only as it mixes therewith, and so on, till the whole quantity is performed by degrees, and the Paste neither sticks to the Pan nor fingers). - You may put it to what use you please, or turn it to any sorts of shape. Very little heat will dry it. Flatten it with the Rolling-pin, as all other Paste, and if too soft, add a little Flour and Sugar; if too hard, a few drops of the same Wine as above.