Frontage A La Creme Bourgeoise - Cream Cheese, A Plain Family Way

Warm three half-pints of Cream, with one half-pint of Milk, or according to the same proportion, and put a little Rennet to it; keep it covered in a warm place till it is curdled; have a proper should with holes, either of China or any other; put the Curds into it to drain about an hour or less: Serve with a good plain Cream, and pounded Sugar over it.

A La Crime Fouettée; With Whipt Cream

Put a good pinch of Gum-dragon Powder in a quart of Cream; whip it till it is quite thick, with fine rasped Lemon-peel; pour it into a Cloth-strainer, or a piece of Muffin, drain it thus in a Basket, and serve with pounded Sugar strewed over it.

Fromage A La Crime De Marmelade. Cream Cheese And Marmalade

Boil a pint of Cream, and mix it with a few spoon-fuls of any sort of Marmalade, and a little dried preserved Lemon chopped very fine; when it is but just Milk-warm, put some Rennet to turn it, and serve it as the first.

Aux Oeufs; With Eggs

Boil three parts Cream and one of Milk, a spoonful of Orange-slower Water, a bit of dried Lemon-peel, and a quarter of a pound of Sugar, to a quart; let it boil to reduce to three parts; then take it off the Fire, and add four Yolks of Eggs beat up; make a Liaison over the Fire without boiling, sift it in a Sieve, and finish it with Rennet as the last: Serve either with or without Cream.

A la Salbotiere; it is the name of Icing-pots. Ice some good Cream in the Salbotiere, with rasped Lemon, and stir it at first with a whisk until it is quite thick; serve in a Compotier with Sugar over it. You may also ice it quite hard, and cut it into pieces to serve; it is then called en Filets.