We have three sorts of Herrings; first the fresh, which are the best.; they ought to be very fresh, firm, and the Flesh very white. The pickled Herrings, (the Dutch are the best); and the dried, commonly called red Herrings. The Pilchard resembles much the Anchovy, and is very good when perfectly fresh.

Harengs Frais A La Moutarde Fresh Herrings, Mustard-sauce

They must be scaled, gutted, well washed, and dried with a Cloth; Melt some Butter, with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt in it; dip the Herrings therein, and roll them in Bread Crumbs to broil: Serve upon a Sauce made of melted Butter, a little Flour, a few Drops of Vinegar, and a little Broth, mix the Mustard therein according to Discretions, when ready the serve.

Harengs frais marines. See Maquereaux frit.

Harengs Frais Sauce Au Capers - Fresh Herrings With Caper-sauce

Marinate them in Oil and Sprigs of sweet Herbs; broil them, basting with the Marinade: Serve with Caper-sauce.

Harengs Frais Au Fenouil - Fresh Herrings With Fennel-sauce

Split them at the Back to the Bone, and marinate them about half an hour in melted Butter, with Pepper, Salt, and a few sprigs of Fennel; then broil them as the former, basting with the Marinade: Serve with Sauce Ravigotte, or Sauce au Pauvre Homme, or with the last mentioned Sauce.

Harengs Frais A La Sainte Menehoult, Fresh Herrings, Broiled

Make a saint Menehoult with melted Butter, a little Flour, some Milk, all sorts of chopped sweet Herbs, bits of Roots, slices of Onions, Pepper and Salt; boil these about half an hour, then put the Herrings to boil therein; when they are almost done, take them out, and skim the Fat off the Liquor; dip the Herrings in it, roll them in Bread Crumbs, and broil a moment; Serve with Sauce Remoulade, in a boat.

Harengs frais aux fines Herbes. See Mackerels.

Harengs Frais En Matelotte. Matelot Of Fresh Herrings

Make a Roux with Butter and Flour; when of a fine brown, add some Broth and white Wine, with a faggot of all sort of sweet Herbs, one dozen of small Onions, scalded, and a few Mushrooms; boil these about half an Hour: Cut off the Heads and Tails of the Herrings, and put them to boil in this Sauce, adding Pepper and Salt; boil on a smart Fire, reduce the Sauce, and when ready to serve, add a chopped Anchovy, and whole small Capers; garnish the Dish round with fried Bread.

Sardines Grilles - Pilchards Broiled

Scale and gut them without washing, marinate them as the Herrings, broil them, and serve with the same Sauces.

Harengs Sors & Sal'es A La Sainte Menehoult. Dried And Pickled Herrings Broiled

Soak them first in Water, then in Milk; cut off the Heads and Tails, skin them, and broil after the same manner as the fresh ones under this Denomination, observing, that they do not require so long a time; Squeeze a. Lemon over them when ready to serve. When they are well soaked, they may be dressed in all the different Ways of fresh Herrings. - The Dutch often eat them with stewed greens; and the French with Eggs, dressed in different manners.

Rouget aux Capres. Roaches, with Caper Sauce. This is but an indifferent Fish; it may help where there is a scarcity of other kinds, and may be dres-sed in all the different Ways of Tenches.