When they are properly picked, if pretty large, cut them into fillets; if quite young, only break them in two; boil in plain Water, with a bit of Butter, and a little Salt; when done tender, and drained, stew them with a bit of Butter, chopped Parsley, green tops of Rocambole, or Chives, Pepper, Salt, and a few spoonfuls of good Broth; reduce the Sauce, and add a Liaison as the former, with the addition of a few drops of Verjuice.

Haricots Verds En Salade - Green Kidney-beans In Sallade

BO I L them as the preceding: When they are well drained, mix all sorts of small Sallading with them, and also one or two chopped Shallots; season them as any other kind of Sallad.

Haricots Verds Au Coulis - Kidney-beans, With Cullis Sauce, Or As A Ragout

Boil and drain the Beans as the former; put them into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, a slice of Ham, a faggot of Parsley, Chibol, one or two green Shallots, Broth and Cullis; simmer about half an hour, then take out the Ham and Faggot, and reduce the Sauce: When ready to serve, add Pepper and Salt if necessary, (as the Ham may be salt enough) and a Lemon Squeeze.

Haricots Verds Frits. Fried Kidney-beans

TheSE ought to be pretty large, and picked without breaking or cutting; boil them a moment in Water, then braze them with thin slices of Lard, a faggot of sweet Herbs, Broth, and whole Pepper: When done, wipe them dry with a Cloth, dip them in pretty thick Batter, and fry of a fine gold colour.

Haricots Verds A La Flamande. Kidney-beans, Flemish Fashion

When they are boiled tender in plain Water, put them to soak some time in good Broth, to take the taste, with Pepper and Salt; drain them, and serve with a thick Sauce, made of Butter rolled in Flour, one or two Shallots chopped very fine, a little Cream, and a few drops of Vinegar.

Haricots Verds Aux Capres, Kidney-beans, With Capers

T H E beginning is done as the former; they are then tossed up with Cullis Gravy, a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, sweet Herbs, and chopped Capers: The Sauce must be reduced very thick; which may be done by adding Flour at Discretion.

Haricots Verds, Pour Confire & Secher

To keep dried or preserved Kidney-beans. They ought to be gathered in good growing wea-ther, and to be very tender; pick them as usual, boil them a moment in Water, and drain them well: Tie those you propose to dry with thread, and place them in the Sun, or upon Sieves, or any thing else in the Oven, after the Bread is taken out, and keep them afterwards in a dry place: When you want to use them, soak them in warm Water till they become swelled. - Those that you would pickle or preserve, must be put into a Brine made of three parts Water, to one of Vinegar, a good deal of Salt, and several Cloves; make Brine enough to cover them over, and pour a good quantity of Oil upon them, which will always keep out the air, and tie a Bladder of Leather over them: By this means, any body may have green Kidney-beans at all seasons of the year. - Use the same method as with the dried, when you want to dress them.