Maquereaux A La Maître D'Hotel (the Clerk Of The Kitchen)

Clean them by the Gills; and with the Point of a Knife, or any thing else, take out a small Gut which you will find in the middle of the Belly-part; (it is very easy to come at) split them along the Back to the Bone, and make a little Stuffing with chopped Parsley, green Shallots, Pepper and Salt, mixed with Butter; put this in the Belly, and broil them slowly; you will find that they are done enough when the Flesh looks white to the Bone: Serve with a good Lemon Squeeze, or burnt Butter, with a few Drops of Vinegar; also with Caper and Anchovy Sauce.

Maquereaux Aux Fines Herbes. Mackarel, With Sweet Herbs

Cut part of the Heads and Tails off, and split them as the former; marinate them about an Hour in melted Butter, with Pepper and Salt, fine chopped Parsley, Shallots, and a little Basil; put two or three slices of Veal, and one of Ham, into a Stew-pan; let them soak a while, then add half a Pint of white Wine, and some Broth; boil till the Veal is almost done; put the Mackerels to boil in this, with all the Season-ing; sift the Sauce, and skim it very well; add two or three spoonfuls of good Cullis, and some of the Herbs chopped; boil these a moment, and serve upon the Fish.

Maquereaux A La Flamande - Mackerels, Flemish Fashion

Stuff them in the same manner as à la Maître d'Hôtel; wrap them in paper well buttered, and broil them slowly, basting now and then with melted Butter: You may also roast them, being prepared after this manner, and serve with Verjuice Sauce, or any other you think proper.

Maquereaux Au Court Bouillon - Mackerels In Their Own Sauce

Make it with half a pint of white Wine, some weak Broth, sweet Herbs, bits of Roots, slices of Onions, Pepper and Salt; boil these together about half an hour; then boil the Fish therein, and serve with a Sauce made of Butter, a little Flour, some scalded chopped Fennel, one Shallot chopped very fine, a little of the boiling Liquid, and a Lemon Squeeze, when ready.

Maquereaux A L'ltalienne - Mackerels, Italian Fashion

Make a Sauce with two spoonfuls of Broth, a good bit of Butter, half a clove of Garlick, two spoon--fuls of good Oil, chopped Parsley, Pepper, Salt, and the Juice of half a Lemon; warm it without boiling*, stirring it continually: Serve this Sauce with broiled Mackerels.

Maquereaux En Fricandeaux - Fricandeaux Of Mackerels

Skin one side, and lard it as a Fricandeau; prepare a slight Braze, with a few slices of Veal, one slice of Ham, half Broth and half white Wine; simmer this together till the Veal is almost done; then put the Fish to it; let it simmer on a slow fire, and add a few whole Mushrooms, and a faggot of sweet Herbs: When done, sift the Braze, reduce part of it to a Caramel to glaze the larded side; add a bit of Butter to the remainder, with proper Seasoning; reduce it to a good consistence, and serve under the Fish.

Maquereaux Frits - Fried Mackerels

Cut each Mackerel into eight fillets, and marinate them about half an hour with the Juice of a Lemon, or more, Pepper and Salt; then wipe them dry, and dip them in Wine Batter; fry crisp, and serve with fried Parsley.

Maquereaux A La Nivernoise, Mackerels With Nivernoise Sauce

Boil them in the same manner as those au Court Bouillon, and serve with Sauce d la Nivernoise, - See Sauces.

Filets De Maquereaux Au Jus D'orange - Fillets Of Mackerels, With Orange Sauce

Split each Mackerel in two, cut out the Bones as clean as possible, make four large Fillets of each, and boil them a moment in white Wine: Prepare some fine chopped Parsley, green Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper, Salt, and a little Nutmeg; rub the bottom of the Dish intended for the Table with Butter, put some of the Seasoning upon it; then lay on the Fillets, with more Seasoning over them, and add two spoonfuls of good Cullis; simmer on a slow fire about a quarter of an hour: When ready to serve, squeeze a Seville Orange or two over them.

Caisses De Maquereaux Aux Trufes - Mackerels Broiled In Paper Cases, With Truffle Sauce

Chop two or three Truffles very fine, with Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; mix with Butter, and. stuff the Mackerel therewith; wrap them in Vine leaves and thin slices of Bacon; put them in Paper Cases, well buttered, placing one double sheet of paper, dipped in Oil, under the Cases; broil them on a gentle fire, and turn them several times while broiling: When done, pour the Fat out, take off the Bacon, and serve with a good Lemon Squeeze.

Maquereaux Aux Ecrevisses, Mackerels With Craw Fish Sauce

Make a Crawfish Cullis, and chop the tails to mix with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper, Salt, and Butter; stuff the Fish with it, wrap them in buttered Paper, and broil as the former: When done, take off the Paper, and serve the Crawfish Cullis upon the Fish.

Maquereaux En Cailles, Mackerels As Quails

Cut one or two Mackerels, each into three pieces; give them a few turns on the fire, with Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper, and Salt; wrap up each bit in Vine-leaves, with a slice of Bacon, and some of the Seasoning; lay them separately on a Baking Dish, and pour the remainder of the Seasoning into it, if any; bake them in the Oven: When almost done, strew Bread Crumbs over the whole; put it back to take Colour; and serve all together with the Sauce au Fin de Champagne, meaning Wine mixed with the Sauce.