Eperlans A La Sainte Menehoult - Smelts Broiled

Trim off the Gills, and wash them clean; put them into a Stew-pan with a good bit of Butter, chopped sweet Herbs, Pepper and Salt; give them a few turns in this, then take them out, and add one or two Yolks of Eggs to the Butter; mix it well together, dip the Smelts in it, strew Bread Crumbs over, and fry or broil them gently: Serve with melted Butter and Verjuice, or a Lemon Squeeze, without any thing else; or a relishing Sauce in a boat; or dry, with fried Parsley.

Eperlans En Surtout. Smelts Masked

Make a good Fish Forced-meat; and put Part of it on the Dish you intend for Table; put the Smelts upon this, and the remainder of the Farce over them singly in their own Form, with Bread Crumbs upon the Farce, and small bits of Butter, close to each other: bake them in the Oven; and serve with a Sauce au Fin de Champagne, or a clear relishing Cullis Sauce.

Eperlans Au Fenouil. Smelts With Fennel Sauce

Make a Sauce with a couple of Sprigs of Fennel, two Cloves, and one of Garlick, which scald together a moment in boiling Water; put two glasses of white Wine into a Sauce-pan, with a few Spoonfuls of Cullis, and a good bit of Butter; boil these together a little while; then put in the Fennel and Garlick pounded; warm it together, and serve under fried Smelts.

Matelottes, Ou Eperlans Aux Fines Herbes

Smelts Matlot, or with fine Herbs. Lay them on the Table-dish, with all Sorts of fine chopped sweet Herbs, one spoonful of Oil, Pepper, Salt, and a glass of Wine; cover them, and let them simmer on a slow Fire until they are near catching at Bottom, or till the Liquid is quite reduced; then drain the Oil, and serve with Sauce Ach'ee. See Sauce Articles.