Anguille A La Salute Menehoult - Eel. St. Menehoult

Make a Batter with a bit of Butter, a spoonful of Flour, Milk, a Laurel-leaf, Pepper, Salt, Shallots, slices of Onions, and bits of Carrots and Pars-neps; put it on the fire, and when it boils put in the Eel, cut into middling pieces; boil it slowly, and when done, drain it, dip it in Eggs beat up, and strew it over with Crumbs; then dip it again in the Boiling, and apply Bread Crumb again; broil it of a fine Colour, and serve with Sauce Remoulade in a boat.

Anguille Au Brodequin. Eel Racktied

Cut an Eel into pieces, of three inches long, marinate it in. Oil, with Pepper, Salt, Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, and Laurel, all whole; cut pieces of Bread Crumbs pretty thick, and the length of the pieces of Eel, four to each; fry the Bread in Butter; lay fillets of Anchovies upon the Bread, tic each bit of Eel between four pieces, roll them up in Paper well buttered, and roast them, basting with the Marinate: Serve with what Sauce you think proper.

Fašon De Conserver Les Anguilles, Ou Autres Poissons

How to preserve Eels, or any Kind of Fishes. According to the quantity, boil a pint of Wine, or more, with the proportion of a quarter of a pound of Sugar, and a quarter of a pound of Salt, for a bottle of Wine: Let it cool, and then trim the Fish as for present use; fry it in Oil, and a few Laurel-leaves to three parts: When it is almost cold, put it into an earthen pot, pour the Wine upon it, and the Oil used for frying, with the Laurel-leaves; when it is quite cold, cover the pot with leather or strong paper, and tie it fast, - It will keep a long while if in a cool place.

Anguille Frite - Fried Eel

Cut an Eel into pieces, and score it with a knife on both Sides; cut out the Rack-bone, and marinate it about an hour in Vinegar, with Parsley, Shallots, slices of Onions, and two or three Cloves; then drain it, and fry it of a good Colour: Serve with fried Parsley, or a relishing Sauce in a boat.

Anguille Ó I'etuv'ee - Eel Stewed Or Matlot

Make a brown Sauce with Butter and Flour, called a Roux or Rissollet; when this is of a good Colour, put in a pint of white Wine, a little Broth and Cullis, one dozen of small Onions scalded, some Mushrooms, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, Salt, and whole Pepper; boil these until the Onions are almost done, then put the Eel therein, cut as the former; boil on a smart fire, reduce the Sauce, and when ready, add a pounded Anchovy, and fine whole Capers: Garnish the Dish with fried Bread, Anguille a la Choisi.

Eel Choisy, Cut a large Eel into two or three pieces, take out the Bone, and flatten it pretty much: Make a Ragout with sliced Onions fried in Butter, chopped Truffles, Mushrooms, fat Livers, Shallots, Parsley, Pepper, Salt, and a glass of white Wine; boil it until the Sauce is quite reduced, then let it cool, and mix it with scraped Lard, and two or three Yolks of Eggs; put some of this Ragout upon each bit of Eel, roll them up, tie them in Cowl, and wrap them up in buttered Paper to roast: When done, take off the Paper, baste one Side with Eggs beat up and Bread Crumbs, and give it a good Colour with a salaman-der: Serve the coloured Side uppermost, with a Sauce Pontiff, or Spanish, or a relishing Sauce.