Timbals D'Anchois. Anchovies In Moulds

Rub the inside of the moulds with a little Butter, and garnish them all over with fillets of Anchovies soaked, intermix them handsomely with fillets of Breast of Fowl roasted, fill them with light well-seasoned Farce, and bake in the Oven; turn them over in the Dish, and serve a little Cullis Sauce under.

Anchois Au Basilic. Anchovies With Basil

Wash them very clean, and split each in two; take the bone out, and soak them about an hour in a little white Wine, with a few Leaves of sweet Basil; then drain, and dip them in Batter made of Eggs and Wine; strew Bread Crumbs over, and fry a moment: Serve with fried Parsley. - When soaked in this manner, they are also wrapped in thin Paste, giving what form you please when fried.

Anchois Au Parmesan. Anchovies With Parmesan Cheese

Soak the Anchovies very well, each being split into four fillets; fry some Bread cut in the same man-. ner, and put a little Cullis in the Table-dish, with chopped Parsley, Shallots, and rasped Parmesan; place the bits of fried Bread thereon with taste, then the Anchovies upon the Bread; pour a few drops of Cullis over, and add a Lemon Squeeze; cover it over with Bread Crumbs and Parmesan, and give it a good colour in the Oven.