Cotelettes De Veau En Fricandeau - Veal Cutlets Fricandeau, Viz. Glazed

AS this Dish is of such old practice, every body the least acquainted with Cookery, knows how to dress it, either with Cutlets or Fillet. It is done according to all other directions, and may be served with Ragout or stewed Herbs; Sorrel is the most used, although Endive, Lettuces, and Sellery, are also very good.

Cotelettes De Veau Out Fines Herbes - Veal Cutlets And Sweet Herbs

Chop all sorts of sweet Herbs, Mushrooms, a little Winter Savoy, Shallots, Pepper and Salt, a spoon-ful of Oil or Butter; dip the Cutlets in this, and reduce the Sauce to make it stick; then bathe them with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, and bake them in the Oven; add a glass of white Wine, and a little Cullis to the Sauce, skim it well, and serve with the Cutlets. - This may also be stewed on ashes fire, with the same seasoning, adding a spoonful or two of Cullis, if necessary, and a good Lemon squeeze when ready to serve.

Cotelettes De Veau Out Petits Pois - Veal Cutlets And Green Peas - These Are Done After The Same Manner As The Gristles Or Whole Bread - Cotelettes De Veau Au Crucbon, Veal Cutlets In Crust

Cut your Cutlets properly; make a Marinate with melted Lard or Butter, Mushrooms, Shallots, half a clove of Garlick, Pepper and Salt, and simmer the Cutlets in this for about an Hour; then wrap them in Puff Paste with all the seasoning, put them in a deep Dish, bake them in the oven, and baste with yolks of Eggs; make a hole in the middle, into which pour a good clear Sauce when ready to serve.

Cotelettes De Veau A La Poêle - Feal Cutlets A La Poêle

Fry the Cutlets till about half done in Oil, Butter, or Lard, with all sorts of sweet Herbs finely chopped, Pepper and Salt; then put them into a Stew-pan with a few slices of Veal and Ham, and all their Sauce; cover them with slices of Lard, and simmer on a slow fire; when almost done, add a glass of white Wine, sift the Sauce, add some good Cullis, reduce it pretty thick, and serve it upon the Cutlets.

Poêle Signifiesa Frying-pan

This Dish is to be understood as done in a hurry, as most fried Dishes are.

Cotelettes De Veau A L'ltalienne - Veal Cutlets, Italian Sauce. See Breast Of Veal A L'italienne - Cotelettes De Veau En Crépine

Veal Cutlets in Cowl. See as before.

Cotelettes de Veau Diversisiées. Veal Cutlets in different Manners.

Braze Veal Cutlets with thin slices of Lard, slices of Lemon peeled, a little Broth, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, one of Garlick, and a little Basil: when finished white and tender, serve with what Sauce you think proper. - You may do them with Parmesan Cheese or small Onions, or any thing else.

Carré De Veau Glassé, Ou Piqué, A La Broche - Neck Of Veal Glazed, Larded, Or Roasted

Bone a Neck of Veal three Parts of the Ribs; if you would glaze it scald and stew it as a Fricandeau; if you would have it roasted, do not scald it, but lard it and roast it in Paper: Serve with what Sauce you please.