They are stewed like a Ragout, as set forth in Ragout Articles. Lettuces and Endive are used mostly as Sallad; or being boiled in the Broth-pot, and tied, are used to garnish Soups: The Stock of Roman or Coss Lettuces may be dressed after the Manner of Cardoons, being well scalded in boiling Water, and brazed.

Laitues De Plusieurs Façons - Different Ways Of Dressing Lettuces

Scald them whole in boiling Water for a few minutes; drain the Water out, cut out a little of the Hearts, and instead thereof put in a well-seasoned Farce; wrap them up in the Leaves, and tie them with Pack-thread; braze them in a light-seasoned Braze, and when done, and well drained, place them upon the Ta-ble-dish, and pour a good Veal Cullis or Chicken Fri-cassee Sauce upon them. You may also let them cool, when boiled tender, dip them in Egg Batter, and sprinkle them over with Bread Crumbs to fry.