A Puff-paste Crust Pie, is called a Tourte, and a Raised Crust Pie is called a Pâté: The following Dishes are mostly to be done in Puff-paste, for the First-course, and Petits Pates the same, Tourtes d'Ailerons, Tourte of Poultry Pinions, Scald them in boiling Water, and clean them very well; place a few slices of Lard over them, and stew them till about three parts done with good Broth Cullis, a slice of Ham, all sorts of sweet Herbs, chopped or whole Mushrooms, a Faggot, and some good Butter; prepare the Puff-paste in the Baking-dish; put all together into it, with the slices of Lard on the Top; cover it with Paste, put a border round it as you shall think proper, and wet it round with Water, to make the Paste stick together; bake it in a gentle Oven: When it is done, cut the Top off properly, and take out the Lard and Faggot; skim the Fat very clean, and add what Sauce or Ragout you please.

Tourtes De Becasses, Tourte Of Woodcocks

Cut each Woodcock into four, and pound the in-side, to mix with scraped Lard, sweet Herbs chopped, and proper Seasoning; put this Farce into the bottom of the Pic, and the Meat upon it, with some Butter, and slices of Lard; when baked, take out the Lard, and finish it with a good relishing Cullis Sauce.

Tourte Aux Cailleteaux, Tourte Of Young Quails

Truss the Quails as a Chicken for boiling, legs inwards, make a Farce with the Livers, scraped Lard, chopped sweet Herbs, and proper Seasoning; lay this in the bottom of the Pie; put the Birds into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, and four or five large Craw-fish trimmed; fry all together about a quarter of an hour, then intermix them in the Pie; season it as the Pinion Pie, and bake slowly about an hour or more; Serve what Sauce you think proper in it.

Tourte De Filets De Levrauts - Tourte Of Leverets Fillets

Cut the Flesh into pieces of what bigness you think proper, and rub each piece over with scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt; put a little Butter upon the Paste, the Meat upon it, and then more Butter, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, one slice of Ham, and slices of Lard over all; finish the Pie as usual: When properly baked, take out the Lard, Ham, and Faggot; boil the Bones with Broth and Cullis, (as before directed in Game-articles) to make a good relishing Sauce, and finish it as usual.

Tourte De Foies Gras - Tourte Of Fat Livers

Garnish the bottom of the Pie with pounded Lard; put the Livers, properly seasoned, upon it, and Butter over, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, one slice of Ham, and a few of larding Bacon; bake it as usual: When done, take out the Lard, Ham, and Faggot, skim the Fat off very clean, and serve a good-tasted Cock's-comb Ragout in it.

Tourtes De Langues De Boeuf, Veau, & Mouton - Puff-paste Pies Of Beef, Veal, And Sheep's Tongues

They are all prepared after the same manner, allowing for tenderness in the baking. Whatever Tongues you use, scald and peel them very clean, lard them through and through, and braze to three parts, with good Seasoning; then let them cool, cut them into what pieces or shape you please, or leave them whole; make a good seasoned Farce for the bottom of the Pie, and finish as all the rest: Serve a good relishing Sauce in it, Tourte de Lapreaux. Tourte of Rabbits. Cut them in pieces, and scald them a quarter of an hour in boiling Water; or if made without scald-ing, it will taste more of Game: Make a Farce of the Livers, with Lard, and good Seasoning, and place it at the bottom of the Pie; make a Sauce with the Heads and Trimmings of the Rabbits, by stewing with a little white Wine, Cullis, and good Seasoning; sift it, to pour into the Pie.