Tourte De Pigeons Tourte Of Pigeons

Singe the Pigeons a moment, and truss them with the legs inward; put some Butter or pounded Lard into the bottom of the Pie, and the Pigeons upon it, and finish the baking as usual: When done, skim the Fat very clean, and pour a good relishing Ragout into it, made of Sweet-breads, fat Livers, Mushrooms, Cocks-combs, and hard Yolks of Eggs. If the Pigeons are pretty old, give them a fry in Butter before you put them into the Pie.

Tourte De Perdreaux. Tourte Of Young Partridges

Truss them as the Pigeons, and stuff them with a Farce made of their Livers, chopped Truffles, or Mushrooms, mixed with Lard or Butter, and pretty high Seasoning; when finished as usual, serve a Ragout of Truffles or Mushrooms in it, or any other. If the Partridges are pretty old, they ought to be stewed whole for some time.

N. B. As these Tourtes, or Puff-paste Pies, may appear at the first fight to be a mere Recapitulation of the Pates, only made in different Crust; please to observe, that, as the Tourtes are to be served hot, the Seasoning is not so high, and that the different kinds used are to be of young Meat; except that old Game, or Poultry, arc used for Pates, viz. raised Crust Pies.

Tourte De Godiveaux. A Raw Forced-meat Tourte

I Have already given an explanation of the word Godiveaux. As it is now to be used by itself, I shall still give a further account of it, to impress the true meaning the more strongly on the memory: It is made of any sorts of raw Meat, or several sorts mixed together; either to stuff any large Brazing-pieces, or to use by itself: In the latter instance make it of Fillet of Veal chopped, with Calf's-udder scalded, raw Breasts of Poultry, Beef Suet, sweet Herbs, Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, and two or three raw Eggs; when well pounded, and seasoned, make it into Balls, or in the Form of Sausages; put this into the Pie, and add (if you think proper) Artichoke-bottoms, Mushrooms,Truffles, Sweet-breads, etc. with some Butter; finish as all the rest.

Tourte De Tendrons De Veau. Tourte Of Veal Gristles

Cut the Gristle of a Bread of Veal into middling pieces, and scald them in boiling Water some time; put some scraped Lard and Butter into the bottom of the Tourte, and the Veal upon it, seasoned with Pepper, Salt, whole Mushrooms, a few slices of Ham, two slices of peeled Lemon, a faggot of sweet Herbs, and slices of Lard over all; bake it about an hour: When done, take out the Lard, Ham, Faggot, and Mushrooms, or leave the last; skim it very clean; pour a Cullis a la Reine, or Sauce a la Crème on it. If you would serve it with brown Sauce, make a good relishing Cullis, Tourte de Saucisse accompagnée. Tourte of Sausages garnished with other things.

Scald large Sausages in boiling Water, cut each into two, and skin them; put a Farce of what you think proper into the bottom of the Pie, and the Sausages Upon it; about a dozen of small Onions half-boiled, fat.

Livers, or others, a few Truffles or Mushrooms cut in Dice, a little Seasoning, some good Butter, and a faggot of sweet Herbs, all covered over with slices of Lard; finish it in the usual manner: When done, take out the Lard and Faggot, skim the Fat, and serve with Spanish Sauce, or any other, in the Pie.