Fruits in Pastry are equally called Tourtes as those before-mentioned with Meat.

Tourte De Cerises Froides - Cold Cherry Tarts

Make a Compote, (viz. Stew) of stoned Cherries, with half as much Sugar as for preserving, (or they may be prepared without (toning) put this into a rich Puff-paste, and bits of Paste upon it, cut and laid according to fancy; it requires no longer time to bake, than is necessary for the Paste to be done of a good Colour. - This and other sorts are also done in Paste as directed for Demi-feuilletage; but then the Fruit is put in raw, and Sugar added according to judgment. - Raise a proper border according to the bigness of the Baking-dish, and bake it longer than the first direction. - This last is used either hot or cold.

Tourte De Framboise - Rasberry Tart

Simmer the Rasberries a moment in a Syrup; then let them cool, and finish the Tart as the first direction for Cherries.

Tourte - Tourte De Fraises La Glace

Tart of Strawberries and Ice Cream, Make an Almond Paste as directed in Page 397, put it into a Baking-dish, and raise a border as to any other sorts of Paste; it requires but a short time to bake, and very little heat: just before you are ready to serve, put Ice Cream into it not very hard, and then the Strawberries. This Ice Cream is made with a pint of good Cream, and Sugar sufficient to make it pretty sweet, a little Orange-slower Water, and two Yolks of Eggs; put it on the Fire till it is ready to boil; stir it to mix the Eggs very well, and when it is cold, put it into a should to ice, as shall be explained in Ice Cream Articles: You may also boil Pistachio-nuts in this Cream, and sift it before icing.

Tourte D'abricots. Apricock Tart

Cut each in two, and break the stones to get at the kernels; if the Fruit is not ripe enough, boil them a little while in Water; then drain them very well, and put them into the Paste with Sugar according to judgment, a few bits of preserved Lemon, and half a kernel upon each Piece; cover it with the same sort of Paste, and strew a little Powder Sugar over it to give it a glaze, which it will take in baking.

Tourte de Franchipane. Italian Tart, after Frangipani, a proper Name. Mix three Eggs with a pint of Cream, two or three spoonfuls of Flour, and a proper quantity of Sugar; boil these together about half an hour, stirring continually; then add some Almond Biscuits, called Macaroni Drops, bruised to powder, a little Lemon Peel minced very fine, a bit of Butter, two Yolks of Eggs, a little of the Orange Flower dried and pounded, or a few drops of Orange Flower Water: Use the best sort of Paste, viz. an Feuilletage, or Zephir; put the Cream into it, and a few bars of Paste over, laid according to fancy, or cut in flowers; sugar it over to give a glaze, and serve cold.

Tourte A La Moele, Marrow Tart

Take a Cream as the preceding, but instead of Butter use Beef Marrow melted and sifted in a sieve, and four Whites of Eggs well frothed; put no cover of any sort upon it, only a good high border round the edge; when it is baked, strew some Powder Sugar over, and glaze it with the Salamander.