Tourte D'amandes - Almond Tart

It is done as the Italian Franchipane, putting a good many pounded sweet Almonds into the Cream, and a few bitter ones with them.

Tourte De Verjus

Tart of Verjuice Grapes, or any others.

Stone the Grapes, and scald them a moment in boiling Water; then drain them very well, and sim-mer a little in a rich Syrup; when this is cold, put it into the Paste without covering; glaze the border of the Tart with Sugar.

Tourte De Muscat - Tart Of Muscado, Or Sweet Grapes

It is done much after the same manner as the Verjuice, excepting that the sweet Grapes are not scald-ed, nor so much Sugar or Syrup put to them.

Tourte De Pistache. Tart Of Pistachio Nuts

Mix Flour of Rice with three or four Yolks of Eggs, Orange slower dried and chopped, Cream, and Sugar; boil it about half an hour, stirring continually; then take it off, and add a quarter of a pound of pounded Pistachio Nuts, and a bit of preserved Citron; finish it as usual: If you would have it iced, make it as directed for Strawberries, putting the Nuts upon the iced Cream.

N. B. Although the slower of the Orange Tree is here recommended, and in several other Directions; as it is not so common in England, a few drops of the Water will answer the same end equally well.

Tourte A La Chantilli - Chantilli, A Small Town Near Paris

Put a little Orange Flower Water into three pints of Cream, froth it like Whites of Eggs, and take up the Froth as it is raised; when finished, add a little rasped Lemon Peel, and Sugar Powder, at Discretion: Ice it a little, and serve in an Almond Crust.

Tourte De Pommes, Apple Tart

Peel the Apples, clean out the kernels, and boil them to a Marmalade, with a few drops of Water, a sufficient quantity of Sugar, a little Cinnamon, and a Lemon Squeeze; you may also add a bit of the Rind: When done, take out the Lemon Peel and Cinnamon; use the Pâté de Feuilletage, cover it with the same, and glaze it with Sugar.

Tourte De Poires

Pear Tart. Peel the Pears, cut them into quarters, take out the kernels, and if they are large, and pretty green, boil them to half in Water,. simmer them some time in a good rich Syrup, and bake them in the Tart made of Pâté a Demi-feullletage. See Paste Articles.

Tourte de Prunes, Plum Tarts.

The large kinds used for Tarts must be split in two: Put a good quantity of Sugar, both under and over them, and use the same Paste as the last, with the Top-cruft the same, and glaze it to give it a better look on the Table. - In regard to glazing any sort of Tarts, it is no further necessary than agreeable, as many People like the Crust without its being glazed.

Tourtes D'epinards. Spinach Tarts

Scald the Spinach in boiling Water, and drain it very well to chop; then stew it in Butter and Cream, with a little Salt, Sugar, a few small bits of dried Comfit-citron, and a few drops of Orange slower Water; use either the finest Puff Paste, or the second.