Leave a bit of the Tails, dip them in Whites of Eggs beat up, and roll them in Sugar-powder; lay them separately on paper, and dry them in a moderate heat. This is the manner in which all kinds of Drages, (Sugar-fruits) are made, either white or of different colours; also all sorts of Almonds and Seeds, and may be made as large as you please, by repeating the same as they dry.

Des Fraises En Caramel

The same, another Way. Dip them in caramelled Sugar, and dry them upon Plates, rubbed over with a little Oil; or dip them in Sugar, prepared au Casse, and roll them directly in Nonpareils, either of one single colour, or several intermixed; follow the same rule for all those kinds of Fruits, as Grapes, Mulberries, Cherries, Kernels, Filberts, small Nuts, Seeds, etc.