Tourtes De Groseilles Vertes. Green Goosberry Tarts

You may either use them whole, or make a Marmalade of them, with a good Syrup: This last is recommended as the best method; for by this means you can judge easily how sweet they are, and ought to be, to please; for the Marmalade, (if large) they ought to be stoned.

Tourte De Chocolat, & Tourte De Caffe, Chocolate And Coffee Tarts

Mix a little Flour and Cream, with a proportionable quantity of Chocolate, a bit of Sugar, and three Eggs; boil it about half an hour, stirring continually, for fear it should catch at bottom; put it into the Paste, Paste, and Whites of Eggs beat up and frothed upon it; glaze it with Sugar.

That of Coffee is done after the same manner, boiling one or two Dishes of good clear Coffee, with the Cream, instead of the Chocolate; finish it after the usual manner, without Top-crust.

Tourte La Paysanne - Tarts The Common, Or Country-fashion

Take a fresh Cream Cheese, made the preceding day, or only made five or six hours before; mix a bit of Butter and a few Eggs with a little Salt; make the Parte pretty thick, and the top the same; bake it, without glazing the Top-crust, or border.

Tourte De Trufes, A La Glace - Truffle Tart, Iced

Soak a few Truffles in warm Water; then clean them very well with a brush, and boil them in a pint of Cream, and a quarter of a pound of Sugar, till the Cream is reduced to half; take out the Truffles, to pound very fine, then mix them with the Cream; ice it, and serve with Almond Paste Crust.

Toute a'Entremets de ce que l'on veut, Second-course Pastry of any kind of Fruits or Jelly.

TheSE Tourtes may be made with any kind of pre-served Fruit that have been before at Table, or such as lose their colour or goodness. Observe to cover all preserved Fruit with Paste cut in flowers, or any other shape, as it hinders it from turning black in the Oven; yet for those made with fresh or raw Fruit it is not necessary, unless by choice.

Tourtes Made Of Jelly

Bake the Crust first, and let it cool; then put the Jelly upon it; if of different sorts it will look the better, as is done in Croqnante.

Petites Jaloufis

(From a blind Window or Grate, where cloistered Nuns, or Spanish Wives are spoken to, etc.)

Roll the Paste pretty thick, and cut it in small square pieces; make three or four holes, or rather sinkings, and rub them over with Yolks of Eggs, or glaze them with Sugar; when done, fill each hole with different kinds of Sweet-meats or Jelly. - Observe that those little Patisseries are to be done with the best Puff Paste, Tartelettes a Ia Crime. Custard in Paste.

Make a Cream as directed for the Franchipane; let it cool, and prepare the Paste in moulds, as for Petit Pates; put some of this Cream into it, with a few bits of Paste cross-ways at top; bake about half an hour, and glaze with Sugar.

Tartelette la Bonne; this is done in Petit Pt-pans. as the former; bake the Paste, then fill it with Sweetmeats, or preserved Fruits of any kind, or a cold Marmalade, well prepared.

Tartelettes De Massepains

Tartlets of Sugar Paste, Turn some Almond Paste in different shapes and sizes; bake it a moment in a very slow Oven, and when it is cold, fill each with what sorts of Jelly or Sweet.rneats you think proper. - You may also fill this Paste with the same sort of Cream, as directed for the Tourte a la Cbantilli; then they are called by that name. - All Tartelettes, viz. small Tarts, may be made with any sorts of Creams, as directed for Tarts; the difference is only for the sake of variety on the Table: Also all Creams, as directed here, without Fruits, as Coffee, Chocolate, etc, may be served upon a Dish singly, or with only a low Paste border round, which gives them a better look on the Table.

Rissolles D'entremets De Ce Que L'on Veut

Fritures, for Second-course, of any kind.

Roll some of the second-best Paste, Demi-feuilletage, very thin; put into it what Cream,or Sweet-meat, or Marmalade you think proper; roll them up in what form you please, and in different shapes, and fry them in very hot Friture; glaze them with a little Sugar Powder, and a Salamander.