These are often served iced abroad, and may be made two or three Hours before they are wanted; for that purpose they have a tin should, made large enough to contain as many Glasses, Cups, or thin silver Tumblers, as will ice a quantity sufficients for a Dish; it has commonly two Plates, the bottom solid, the next bored in small holes, to let the melted Ice run off, and rings in it to hold the Glasses; the Ice under being pounded with Salt, and also upon the Cover, when the whipped Cream is in it.

Mousse A La Crime - Whipped Cream

To a quart of very good Cream, put a few drops of Bergamotte-water, (or of Cedar) a little Orange-slower Water, and about half a pound of Sugar; when it is dissolved, whip the Cream to a froth, and take it up with a Skimmer; drain it upon a Sieve a moment; and if for icing, let it settle a good while before you put it into the Cups or Glasses; continue in this manner to the end, and use what drops into the Dish under the Sieve to make it froth the better, adding one or two Whites of Eggs: Any kinds of prepared Waters may be done with this Cream, as well as these, according to taste and fancy.

Mousse De Caff'e - Whipped Coffee

Upon three half-pints of Cream, put two dishes of strong Coffee cleared; add four Yolks of new-laid Eggs beat up, half a pound of Sugar, and about as much more Cream; finish as the first.

De Chocolat.-It is done after the same manner, dis-solving a proper quantity of Chocolate in Cream, and the same quantities of Eggs and Sugar.