Timbale De Pigeons Au Fume, Et En Pâté - Pigeons Of A Game Flavour, In Moulds Or In Paste

Make a Farce with a stale Hare or Rabbit, a few bits of Ham, Cow's Udder or Beef Suet, scraped Lard, fine Spices, Truffles or Mushrooms, Chibols, and Shallots, mixed with raw Yolks of Eggs: Gar-nish a Mould or a small Stew-pan with thin slices of Lard, put three parts of the Farce thereon, making a hole in the middle, for the reception of a cold Pigeon Ragout, with all the Liquor belonging to it; place the remainder of the Farce upon the Ragout, folder it up with Yolks of Eggs, cover it with slices of Lard, and put it into the oven; or finish it on a slow fire, with a proper quantity of hot Coals upon the cover of the Pan. When ready, turn it over gently, take off the Lard, wipe it clean from Fat, make a little hole at the top to pour in a Sauce Pontife, or any other, and relish it with a good Lemon Squeeze.

The same may be done with Puff-paste, for the making of which the Author recommends Oil or fresh Hog's Lard; but Butter, if really good, is much preferable.

Povpeton De Pigeons Aux Choux-fleurs - Pigeons Masked With Colliflowers

I N this Dish the Ragout is prepared as in the last directions; the Pigeons are covered with a good rich Cullis, and then masked, or perfectly hidden with stewed Colliflowers.

Pigeons Aux Trufes, Pigeons With Truffles

IN this preparation the Pigeons are larded with Truffles and Ham, and brazed with Veal, Ham, and a few chopped Truffles; their Broth serving for Sauce, with a little Cullis, and a Lemon Squeeze added thereto. - They may also be marinated for about an hour in Oil, and all sorts of sweet Herbs, then cut in two, dipped in good Batter, and fried. Or they may be dressed in all the different ways of Chickens, allowing for the time of boiling, roasting, or brazing.