Pâté De Perdrix - Partridge Pie

Truss the Partridges with the legs inwards; make a little Farce of their Livers, with scraped Lard, sweet Herbs, and proper Seasoning; flatten the Breast-bone, and parboil them in Butter about half an hour, then put them into the Pie, upon slices of Fillet of Veal, well seasoned, and finish as all others: When done, if for hot, skim it well, and serve with a rich relishing Sauce; if for cold, put some good Jelly-broth into it, before it is quite cold.

Pâté a la Choisi From the Title. Bone as many Partridges as convenient, and stew the Bones with a little Broth and Gravy; take as many fat Livers as Partridges, and lard them with Truffles and soaked Anchovies; pound the Bones, and sift the Liquor, which mix with the Partridge-livers chopped, Truffles, scraped Lard, Pepper, and Salt; stuff the Partridges with this last, and a few whole Truffles, some good Butter, and slices of Lard over all; bake it as usual, and add a little Brandy, when it is almost baked enough. This is meant for a cold Dish.

D D 2 Pâté - Pâté De Pluviers, Becasses, & Becassines - Pie Of Plovers, Woodcocks, Or Snipes

Gut them, and throw away the Gizzards; pound the Guts, and make a Farce with them, with sweet Herbs chopped, proper Seasoning, and chopped Truffles; mix it with scraped Lard and Butter, or Butter alone; lard the Birds, stuff them with this Farce, and finish. as all others.

Pâté De Pigeons, Ortolans, Cailles, Alouettes, Etc. Etc

Pigeon Pie, Quails, and all sorts of small Birds, fit for eating.

For Pigeons, make a Farce with their Livers chopped with sweet Herbs, mixed with Butter and proper Seasoning. - Quails, gut them, and lard them. - Larks, mix the Gut with Lard or Butter, and sweet Herbs, and stuff them with it; put a few slices of Veal and Ham into the Dish, and wrap each Bird in a slice of Lard, one Laurel-leaf, and a little Butter; finish in the same manner as other Pies. - The same may be done with any other small Birds.

Pâté de (Perigueux). A town in Perigord, famous for those Pies, commonly called Perigord Pies.

Make a Farce with Partridge Livers, and Livers of Poultry, a good deal of chopped Truffles, sweet Herbs, scraped Lard, and Seasoning in moderation; truss the Partridges, with the Legs inwards, stuff them with some of this Farce, laying some of it also in the bottom of the Pie; singe them pretty much on a charcoal fire, and lard them with Lardons, rotted in mixed Spices; then lay the Birds into the Pie, upon the Farce, with whole Truffles betwixt, a little more Seasoning over all, with Butter and scraped Lard pounded together; cover it over with slices of Lard; finish the Pie according to fancy, with cut Paste, and bake it in the Oven about four or five hours: Observe the directions already given, whether it is to be served hot or cold.

Pâté De Ličvres & De Lapins - Pic Of Hares And Rabbits

IN every kind of Game, if you bone it, pound and stew the Bones with Broth and Cullis, for this makes a better Sauce than any other; if even for a Ragout for a Pie, mix what Farce you put in it with this Cullis; lard them, and finish as usual.