Tourte A La Conde. Condé, The Title Of One Of The Princes Of The Blood

Scald some small Onions and Sausages as in the last Receipt; boil a piece of pickled Pork till about half done, and cut it into thin slices; put a Farce into the bottom of the Pie, made of chopped Livers of Poultry, scraped Lard, and light Seasoning; put upon this a small Chicken, cut in Quarters, or the Pinions of any Poultry scalded properly; upon this, the Sausages, pickled Pork, and Onions, intermixed with a little more Seasoning, some good Butter, and slices of Lard at the Top; when well baked and the Fat skimmed off, make a Sauce with good rich Consommée, a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, a little scalded chopped Parsley, and a good Lemon Squeeze: When ready to serve, pour this into the Pie.

Tourte De Lasaques. A Dumpling Paste Pie

Make a Puff-paste with Flour, Eggs, Butter, Salt, and cold Water: when it is well worked, let it rest some time; then roll half of it in very thin Sheets, and cut it into small pieces; put them into boiling Water with a little Salt; let them boil a few minutes, and take care to separate them in the boiling; then put them into fresh Water a moment, and drain it out; make a Pie of the remainder of the Paste, with Butter and Parmesan Cheese, at the bottom; then a down of the scalded Paste, and one of Truffles, or Mushrooms, mixed with Butter or pounded Lard; then more Paste, and so on till all is laid one over the other; finish with the Butter and Cheese; cover it over with Paste as all others, bake it slowly about an hour and a half, and serve without any thing else.

Tourte De Viandes Blanches, Tourte Of White Meats

Take Chickens, Fowls, Turkey-poults, Ducklings, or any other sorts, singe them, and cut them in quarters; make a seasoned Forced-meat to put under and over in the Pie: When done as usual, serve what Sauce or Ragout you think proper in it.

Tourte De Filets De Mouton A La Robert. Tourte Of Fillets Of Mutton With Onions

Make a Godiveaux Farce as for the Tourte under that name; cut the Fillet of a Neck of Mutton into thin slices, and a few Onions in the same manner; put some of the Godiveaux in the bottom of the Pie, then some of the Mutton, and slices of Onions upon it, with a little Pepper and Salt; continue in the same manner till all is laid, then place Butter and thin slices of Lard over it; finish the Pie, and bake it about an hour and a half, or more, according to its bigness. When done, take out the Lard, skim it very well, add a Cullis-sauce, with a little Mustard well mixed therein, and shake the Pie to disperse it into every Part.

Tourte En Puits. Puit, A Well Or Wells

Take six or eight large Onions, scope a good hollow in the inside, without cutting through, and scald them in boiling Water a moment, then drain them; make a Farce with scalded Sweet-breads, Mushrooms, Truffles, scraped Lard, Pepper, Salt, chopped Shallots, Parsley, and two Yolks of Eggs: fill the Onions with this Farce, and place some of it in the bottom of the Pie; put the Onions upon it with some good Butter, and finish the Pie as usual; bake it about two hours in a middling Oven, and serve with a good Sauce, or a Sweet-bread Ragout in it.