Tourte De Cannetons An Vin De Champagne. Tourte Of Ducklings, With White Wine

Scald a couple of Ducklings, and clean them properly; cut each into quarters, and put them into a Pie upon a good Farce, with two slices of peeled Lemon over them, to keep them white, and season as other Poultry; mix two glasses of white Wine with somegood Cullis, and boil it some time together to reduce it to a good Sauce-consistence; Serve this Sauce in the Pie.

Tourte Au Zcphlr

Make a Paste as directed in Pâté feuillete in Paste Articles; roll a couple of Sheets with the Rolling-pin, much the same thickness; put these one upon another in the Baking-pan, pinch them together as if the Meat was within them; baste them with Eggs, and bake them; when baked enough, cut them round; (and if the Parte is well made, the inside will be puffed up, and taken off easily;) take out all the Pudding Crust or Dough, and serve a Ragout of any sort, or minced Meat, or Fish therein, with any Sauce.

N. B. This is called Zephir by that doughy Paste being taken out, meaning gutted, as is the Caldron and Chitterlings of a Calf, etc. when gutted, it is called Zephir, viz. Entrails. See the Explanation under Veal Articles.

Tourte De Lapin Au Zephir - Tourte Of Rabbit. See The Following Explanation

Cut a Rabbit into pieces as for a Fricassee; put them into a Stew-pan with a good bit of Butter, Mushrooms, and a faggot of sweet Herbs; when half done, add two glasses of white Wine, some Cullis and a scalded Sweet-bread; season it of a good relishing taste: Serve this Ragout in the same sorts of Pie as the last.

Tourte De Macaroni Au Zephir

Scald the Macaroni, and boil it in good Broth and Hog's Lard; when it is tender and thick, put some Parmesan Cheese to it, and serve it in the same sort of Tourte, with some good Veal Cullis in it.

Tourte D'oeufs - Tourte Of Eggs

MlX some chopped sweet Herbs, with a good bit of Butter, Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg; put it into the bottom of the Paste made after the direction of Demi-feuilletage, with some good Butter, what quantity of hard Eggs you please cut into quarters, and some raw ones beat up as for an Omelet; finish the Pie as usual: You may add a Caper Sauce, when ready, or a Cream Sauce.

Tourtes De Soles - Tourte Of Soals

Use the same kind of Paste as the former, and put a good Farce into the bottom. If Meagre, make it with Fish and good Seasoning: If Gras, with Breasts of roasted Poultry: Boil the Soals a Moment, then take up four large fillets of each, lay them upon the Farce, with a little Pepper, Salt, and Butter: When done, add what Sauce you please. Mackerels are done after the same manner.

Tourte De Moules & De Huitres - Tourte Of Oysters And Mussels

Boil the Oysters in their own liquor, and beard them; then mix them with Butter, Pepper, Nut-meg, Shallots, and Parsley; serve with Sauce a la Bechamel, - Mussels are done the same, when well picked one by one; you may also serve either with Sauce au Verjus. See the Sauce Articles.

Tourte De Cabilliot. Tourte Of Cod, Etc. Etc

Cut it into middling pieces, and fry it in Butter a moment, with a faggot of sweet Herbs; then put it into a Bechamel-sauce, or Anchovies or Crawfish Cullis, and warm it without boiling: Serve it in Tourte aux Ze-phir. - Tourte de Morue is done after the same manner, without Salt. - The remainder of plain boiled Cod or any other Fish will do for those Pies, only warming it in what Sauce you please, and serve it in Piecrust, made after the Zephir direction.

Tourte D'Esturgeons, Tourte D'anguilles, De Brochets & De Carpes - Tourte Of Sturgeon, Eels, Pike, Carp, Etc

Turbot, Whitings, Smelts, or all these kinds of Fish, and also Perches, are done after the same manner; you may either prepare each in a Stew-pan as a Ragout or Fricassee, or bake it in a less rich Parte, and serve any Sauce or Ragout you think proper in it.