Soles au Supreme, viz. excelling, etc, When properly cleaned, pat them into a Stew-pan, with two or three glasses of white Wine, two spoonfuls of good rich Consommee, two slices of Lemon, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two or three green Shallots, two Cloves, whole Pepper and Salt, and braze them slowly: When done, sift part of the Braze, which mix with a few spoonfuls of Cullis; skim it free from fat, reduce it to a proper consistence, add a Lemon Squeeze, if necessary, and serve upon the Soals.

Soles Au Pontife - Soals With Pontiff Sauce

Braze the Soals, with a good piece of Butter, two glasses of white Wine, as much good Broth, one clove of Garlick, two of Spices, sprigs of Parsley, green Shallots, whole Pepper, Salt, and two slices of Lemon, first peeled: When done, drain them, and serve with Pontiff Sauce. See Sauce Articles.

Soles De Plusieurs Fašons - Soals, Different Ways

When scaled, and properly cleaned, you may fry them whole, or cut them into four fillets; dip them in clear Batter, and fry in fresh Hog's Lard, or Oil. If you would broil them, make an opening at the back, and stuff in it some chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and a trifle of Basil, properly sea-soned with Pepper and Salt, and mixed together with Butter and Bread Crumbs; marinate them in Oil about half an hour, and then broil slowly, basting with Oil or Butter: Serve with Sauce Achee, or Capers, or Anchovies, in a Boat.

Soles Aux Fines Herbes - Soals With Sweet Herbs

Take Soals, which have been either plain boiled or fried, (if fried ones, take up the skin) and cut each into four or eight Pieces, being properly trimmed; prepare a Sauce with a Glass of white Wine, two or three spoonfuls of Cullis, a bit of Butter, fine chop-ped Parsley, Chibol, Mushrooms, a trifle of Garlick, and Basil; boil these together about half an hour, then put the fillets of Soals therein; simmer about a quarter of an hour, and add Pepper, Salt, and a good. Lemon Squeeze.

Soles Au Four - Soals Baked In The Oven

Being properly cleaned, split them on the back, and stuff therein the same Preparation as for broiling; (see before): rub the Table Dish with a pretty deal of Butter, and lay the Soals upon it; melt a bit of Butter to mix with two Yolks of Eggs, sweet Herbs chopped, Pepper and Salt; mix these well together, and rub upon the Soals with a brush, laying it on pretty thick; then strew Bread Crumbs over, and put the Dish in the Oven: When they are done of a fine brown colour, drain the Butter out, and serve with a good relishing Cullis Sauce.

Soles En Hatereau - Olives Of Soals, Either Fried Or Roasted

Split small Soals, either in two or four; make a Farce with some of the Flesh, or of any other kind of Fish; mix it with Bread Crumbs soaked in Milk, a bit of Butter, chopped sweet Herbs as usual, Pepper, Salt, and a few Yolks of Eggs, well worked together; lay some of this Farce upon each piece, roll them up tight, and braze them in strong Broth, with a little white Wine, and good Seasoning: When done, drain and dip them in a Batter made of Flour, with a little Oil, and white Wine, and fry them: Serve with fried Parsley. You may also serve them with a good Cullis Sauce.

Soles En Fricandeaux - Fricandeaux Of Soals

Take up the skin of the white side of fresh thick Soals, and lard them with fine Lardons; soak some slices of Veal and Ham on the fire, with bits of Roots, Onions, half a clove of Garlick, and half a Laurel-leaf; when it is ready to catch; add two glasses of white Wine, as much good Broth, or rather more, and a few whole Mushrooms; let it simmer until the Meat is done, then sift it, and put it into another Stew-pan, with the Soals, the larded side undermost: When done, take the Fish gently out, reduce the Sauce to a Caramel, to glaze the larded side, and serve with a clear relishing Sauce.

Filets De Soles A La B'echamel - Fillets Of Soals, Bechamel Sauce

Have a Sauce Bechamel ready, and use and prepare the Fillets of Soals in the same Manner as those out fines Herbes; (such as have served before will do) just simmer them a Moment in the Sauce, to warm without boiling.

Filets De Soles Au Verjus - Fillets Of Soals, Verjuice Sauce

Take up the Fillets as the preceding; rub the Table Dish with Butter, and lay them thereon, with a little Cullis, two or three spoonfuls of Verjuice, (where Verjuice is not be had, use Vinegar, to give it a proportionable sourness) Pepper, Salt, and sweet Herbs chopped very fine; simmer about half an hour, and serve quite hot. You may also serve-these sorts of Fillets with any kind of stewed Greens, as Sorrel, Endive, Celery, etc. warm the Fillets in a little Broth, and serve upon the Ragout.

Soles a la Saint Meneboult, a la Braze, are done in the same manner as all former Directions: It is needless to crowd too many repetitions, having been sufficiently prolix already.