Good Veal ought to be very white and fat; I shall not take upon me to give directions for cutting up Calves, as the French Author does, as I am very sensible that all sorts of Meat are cut to greater advantage in England than in France; and the French Butchers are even so sensible of it, that I have myself known several of them come from Paris on purpose to attend the cutting of Meat at St. James's Market, and others, for instruction.

Tête De Veau A La Bourgeoise. Calf's Head Family Way

Trim the muzzle off, nearly to the eyes, without cutting the tongue; soak it in several waters to clean it, then scald it in boiling water; boil it in wa-ter with a few Onions, two or three Cloves, two Shal-lots and Salt; when done, drain it, open the skull, and serve it quite hot with Vinegar, Pepper, Salt, and chopped Parsley, in a Boat.

Tête De Veau Farcie

Calfs Head Stuffed Take a Calf's Head scalded with the skin on, and bone it; make a Force-meat, with Fillet of Veal, Beef Suet, Bread Crumbs, Milk, Parsley, Thyme, Mushrooms, four yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt; put some of this Preparation into the Head, leaving room in the middle to put a Ragout, well seasoned, either of Pigeons, Sweet-breads, or other; cover it over with Forced-meat, and make the form of the Head as near as possible; wrap it up with slices of Lard, tie it in a cloth, and braze it in Broth, white Wine, and sweet Herbs: Serve upon it a Spanish or Italian Sauce, or any other you like best. - The Bones and what remains upon them may be boiled, as a goed deal of Meat will remain upon them, and may be eaten plain, or in Fricafée, or Ragout.

Tête De Veau A La Poivrade, (from The Sauce) - Calf's Head, With A Sharp Sauce

Take a scalded Head, bone it as far as the eyes, and boil it like the first, with some pickled Pork; both which, when done, must be served in the same dish: Boil half a glass of Vinegar, as much Broth, chopped Shallots, and whole Chibol; sift it, and add coarse Pepper and Salt: Serve this Sauce upon the Head, or in a Sauce-boat. You may also serve it with a Sauce Poivrade, which you will find in page 42.

Tête De Veau Au Verd-galant. Calf's Head, With Fried Parsley

Soak the Head twenty-four hours, scald it in boil-ing water, then boil it in Water and a little Vinegar, with Roots, Herbs and Spices, as the former; cut it in pieces, and roll it in Batter made of Oil and white Wine, Salt, and Parsley Leaves; bathe the Head in it, and fry it of a good colour: Serve it up crisp, with fried Parsley round it. The Brains require only half as much boiling as the rest.

Tête De Veau En Crépine. Calf's Head In Cowl

Take up the skin of a scalded Calf's Head, with as much of the flesh as you can without breaking it; scald and peel the Tongue, which cut into fillets, with a raw Fowl; mix these fillers with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; make a Farce with the Brains minced, six hard yolks of Eggs, Bread Crumbs soaked in Milk, Pepper and Salt, chopped Mushrooms, Chibol and Parsley; pound these all together, lay this Farce upon the skin, and then the fillets as first prepared; roll it up first in Cowl, and then in a Stamine or Linen Cloth; braze it in a light Braze, with a few glasses of white Wine therein; when done, unwrap the Cloth, but leave the Cowl round it; wype it free from fat, and serve with Pontife Sauce, which you will find in Page 45.