Cote De Boeuf A La Remoulade. A Rib Of Beef, With Mustard Or Horse-radish Sauce

Lard a Rib of Beef with large Lardons, and braze it as the former; when done, take the Fat off the Broth, baste the Meat with it, and strew it with Bread Crumbs; basting it with Butter now and then to keep it from burning; serve it dry with the Sauce in a Boat. - (See Sauce Remoulade, Page 42.)

Cote De Boeuf A L'angloise. Rib Of Beef English Fashion

Flatten a Rib of Beef with a cleaver, simmer it a few turns in Hog's Lard, then braze it in the same Lard over a slow fire, with a glass of white Wine, as much Broth, all sorts of sweet Herbs finely chopped, with Pepper and Salt; when done, skim the Broth, sift it, and make aLiaison with three yolks of Eggs, and serve it. upon the Meat.

N. B. It is no ways necessary to make these Dishes with fresh Meat;a Rib cut out of a roasted piece of Beef, not over done, will be equally good, if not better.

Cotes De Boeuf A La Hollandoise - Ribs Of Beef Dutch Fashion

Cut thin Ribs of Beef, bone them all to a bit at the thin end, simmer them in Butter till they are almost done, let them cool, and take their Gravy, which mix with Forced-meat made of Fillet of Veal, Beef Suet, Chervil, Taragon, Burnet, Garden Cresses, Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg, adding three yolks' of Eggs to form them into a Farce; wrap up the Beef in the Forced-meat, and bake it in the oven, or in a Dutch oven; take some of the Gravy, mix it with Cullis, Verjuice or Lemon, Pepper and Salt; and serve it upon the Meat.

Ribs of Beef brazed or plain boiled, may be served with all sorts of Sauces or Ragouts, or with stewed Garden-greens, and Roots. They may be also broiled, like Mutton-stakes, with or without Sauce.

Oreilles De Boeuf. Beef's Ears

Beef's Ears, well scalded like Calves, may be made tender in a strong Braze, full of strong Herbs and Spices; they should be afterwards broiled, and served with a Cullis, or relishing Sauce. As they are used but seldom, I shall take no further notice of their dressing.