All Sorts of Beef Meat must be chosen of a fine Red, or rather of a Crimson Colour, and well interlarded with Fat. The Parts used in Cookery, are the Brains, Palates, Tongue, Tripe, Suet, and Udder; the whole Leg cut in different Manners; the Marrow, the Rump, Edge-Bone, Surloin, and the Fillet; the Tail, Ribs and Breast, Flank and Veiny Pieces, etc. - The Brains, Tripe, Palates, and Suet, must be used fresh; also such Pieces as are used for Broth, and Gravy; the rest require to be kept some Time. - Most Pieces of Beef, either boiled or roasted, should be cut across the Grain, as it will always eat tendered. The Head should be stewed to be eaten with a Spoon, and requires a great deal of Care and Attention in cleaning.

Langue De Boeuf Au Gros Sel. Fresh Neat's Tongue In A Plain Way

Lard a Tongue with pretty large Pieces, and boil it in the Broth-Pot, or in Water, with a few Onions and Roots; when it is done, peel it, and serve it with Broth, sprinkling a little Pepper and Salt over it.

It is also used without Larding; and being boiled fresh in this Manner, is preferable to every Thing else for Mince-Pie Meat.

Langues De Boeufs En Caisses - Sham Neat's Tongues

Take a plain boiled Tongue, peel it, and cut it into Slices; simmer over the Fire about a Quarter of an Hour, with a little chopped Parsley, Shallots, a Taste of Garlick, a Bit of Butter, Salt, and fine Spices; take it off, and let it cool; make forced Meat with Fillet of Veal, as much Suet, Crumbs of Bread, Cream, Pepper, Salt, Parsley, Chibol, and three Yolks of Eggs to mix with it: Garnish the Bottom of the Dish you intend to serve the Tongue upon with some of this Forced-meat, then place the Tongue upon it, and cover it over with the Remainder, smoothing it with a Knife dipt in Yolks of Eggs and Crumbs, in the Form of a Tongue; then bake it in a Dutch Oven for about three Quarters of an Hour. When it is of a good Colour, take it out and pour the Fat off; clean your Dish, and serve it up with a clear Sauce made with half Veal Gravy, and good Broth, a little Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper.

Langue De Boeufa La Remoulade. Neat's Tongue With Remoulade Sauce

Scald a fresh Tongue and lard it with large Lardons; boil it in Broth with a little Salt, and a Faggot, as formerly directed; when done, peel it, and split it, but not quite into two Pieces. Make a Sauce with Parsley, Shallots, Capers, and Anchovies, all very finely chopped, a little Vinegar, a few Crumbs of Bread, or Ras-pings, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, as much Broth, a little Salt and coarse Pepper; boil altogether a Moment; then put the Tongue in it to simmer for a Quarter of an Hour; when you serve it up, add a little Salt.

Langue De Boeuf En Ragout - Neat's Tongue Ragout

Lard a Tongue as the former, and braze it in a light Braze, with Broth, a Faggot of Parsley, Thyme, Laurel, two Heads of Cloves, one of Garlick, Onions, and Roots. Peel it, and split it in two; serve upon it what Ragout you think proper, such as Onions, Sweet Breads, Truffles, Mushrooms, small Onions, etc.