Fricassee De Pigeons A La Poulette - White Fricaffee Of Pigeons

Scald a few Pigeons in hot Water, (if large ones cut them in quarters, middling in halves, and if small ones let them remain whole, trussing the Legs inwards) put them into a Stew-pan, with a good piece of Butter, a slice of Ham, chopped Mushrooms, a Faggot, Thyme, a Bay-leaf, and two Cloves; soak them a little while, then add a small quantity of Broth, with very little Salt, and whole Pepper; simmer on a slow fire, reduce the Broth, and take out the Ham and Faggot; make a Liaison with two Yolks of Eggs and Cream, warm without boiling, and add a Lemon Squeeze. - If you would garnish the Pigeons with any thing, such as Sweet-breads, or Artichoke-bottoms, scald them in boiling Water before you put them to the Pigeons. - You may also dress them with Cullis, as many people do not like Cream, adding, in like manner, Sweet-breads and Artichoke-bottoms, which should be half done before mixing with the Pigeons, as they require more time to braze than young Pigeons, which arc commonly used for this purpose. - In this instance they are called Pigeons au Coulis.

Fricassee De Pigeons Auz Petits Pois. Fricassee Of Pigeons With Green Peas

Prepare small Pigeons as the former, or cut large ones into quarters or halves; put them into a Stew-pan with a good piece of Butter, a slice of Ham, what quantity of Peas you please, a faggot of Parsley, and a little Broth and Gravy: When half done, add a little Cullis; finish the boiling, reduce the Sauce, and take out the Faggot and Ham: If you please you may add a trifle of Sugar, Salt and Pepper, according to taste. - You may also dress them white, by only using Broth in the boiling, and finishing with two Yolks of Eggs beat up with Cream.

Fricassee De Pigeons A La Paysanne - Fricassee Of Pigeons Country Fashion

Cut half a pound of Pickled Pork into thin slices, and soak it on the fire about half an hour, until it is half done; scald two or three large Pigeons in boiling Water, cut them into halves, and put them to the Pork, with a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, and two Cloves; soak them a little while, then add Water and whole Pepper: When done, skim and sift the Sauce, add three Yolks of Eggs and Cream, and make a Liaison without boiling: When ready, add a little Vinegar.

Pigeons En Surtout. Pigeons Masqueraded; (see Chickens Ditto) - Pigeons Au Soleil - Pigeons Of A Fine Bright Colour

Scald small Pigeons, leaving both the Pinions and Legs, split them a little at the back, and skewer the Legs so as to keep them pretty close; braze them with a few slices of Lard, slices of Lemon, a Faggot, two Cloves, a slice of Ham, Pepper, Salt, and a little Broth: When they are almost done, take them out to drain, and dip them in a good thick Batter made of Flour, two spoonfuls of good Oil, fine Salt, Cyder, Small Beer or Wine, poured in by little and little, and stirred continually to make it of a pretty thick consistence; fry them in fresh Hog's Lard, or Oil, of a fine yellow Colour, and serve with fried Parsley. - It is the fine brown Colour which they ought to have when properly fried, which gives them the name, as in several other Dishes.