(These are what are commonly called burnt Almonds.)

Grillage De Bigarades - Broiled Orange-chips

TheSE are made with the Rind of Oranges or Lemons, after the Juices are used for other purposes. Cut the Rinds into thin small fillets, boil them a little while in Water, and drain and put them into Sugar prepared to the ninth Degree, (grande Plume) stir them well till they take a good colour, and then drop them on a Baking-plate like Macaroni-drops; (the Plate must be first rubbed with Oil) strew a little Powdersugar over, and dry them in the Stove. The proportion is half as much more Sugar as Peels.

Grillage De Citrons - Broiled Lemon-chips

Cut or scrape the Rind very thin; do not boil it in Water as the last, but put it raw into the Sugar, prepared to the ninth Degree, (two parts of Sugar to one of Lemon-peel) add a good Lemon-squeeze before you finish on the Baking-plate.

Grillage D'amandes - Broiled Almond-chips

Scald the Almonds in warm Water, peel them, and cut them into halves, or quarters, or they may be done whole; put them into the Pan with an equal weight of Sugar, and a little Water; boil them, stir-ring them about till they crackle; continue stirring to make them take the Sugar and turn to a good broiled colour; spread them on a Baking-plate (lightly rubbed over with Oil, and dry them in a slow heat. - For the sake of variety, you may also spread Nonpareils of different colours on the Baking-plate, and strew some more over; or give them a toss in a Pan in any colour; finish the same.

Grillage De Pistaches - Broiled Pistachio-nuts

Scald as sweet Almonds, and mix them with as many Almonds; follow the same method in the broiling: When they are ready for the Baking-plate, strew them with Nonpareils, mixed with a little Ani-seed, dried preserved Citron chopped very fine, and the same over; dry them as before.

Grillage Avelines: Of Filberts

They are done in the same manner as the Almonds, from the beginning to the end; and so may any sorts of Seeds or Kernels.