What is here meant by Cornets, (Horn) is the thin Dutch Wafers, swifted like a Horn.

The most fashionable are those made with Cream. Mix as much fine Powder-sugar as good slower, with a little Orange-slower Water; put this into a proper vessel, and pour some good Cream to it by little and little, stirring it very well with a Spoon to hinder it from forming into lumps, and add as much Cream as will make the Paste or Batter pour out pretty thick from the Spoon. - This is also made with Spa-nish, or sweet Wine: Mix an equal weight of Sugar-powder and Flour as before, and work it with one or two new-laid Eggs, and sweet Wine sufficient to make the Batter of the same consistence as the first. - They are also done with Butter: Use the Flour and Sugar as usual, add a little rasped Lemon-peel, and a few drops of Orange-slower Water; mix as before by degrees, with very good Butter melted in a little Milk until it comes to the same consistence as others: The Paste being prepared after this manner, of either kind, warm the Wafer-iron on both Sides, and rub it over with some Butter tied in a Linen Bag, or a bit of Virgin-wax; pour on a spoonful of the Batter, and bake over a smart Fire, turning the Iron once or twice, until the Wafer is done on both sides of a fine brown colour; if you would have them twisted, put them upon a should ready at hand for that purpose; put it up directly as you take it out, and press it to the shape of whatever form you please, and so continue; always keep them in a warm place.

Gaufres Au Caffe - Wafers, With Coffee

TO a common Table-spoonful of ground Coffee, put a quarter of a pound of Sugar-powder, and a quarter of a pound of fine Flour; mix them well with good thick Cream as the preceding: You may also put a little Salt to either.

Des Cornets, They are done with the same preparation as the first or second, only a little more Liquid: As soon as you take them out of the Iron, twist them to what shape you please, and they will remain so in cooling.