If to fry, skin the Whitings, and in gutting, leave the Livers; for plain boiling, leave the Skin, and serve with Anchovy Sauce, or Capers. They must be fried in very hot Friture, and served with fried Parsley round* You may also broil them in buttered paper, with all sorts of sweet Herbs, finely chopped, basting with Butter; having previously cut off the Heads and Tails: Or you may marinate them as other Fish: Marinate either to broil, roast, or fry, or braze to put in Jelly, or serve cold with Sauce Ravigotte.

Mullets are dressed in every respect the same way as Whitings, being much of the same bigness, and require an equal space of time to finish them in the different manners. The red Mullet is the only one esteemed; the grey being a coarse indifferent tasted Fish.

Merlans A La Sauce A La Morue. Whitings With Sauce Morue

Make a Brine with Salt and Water, sprigs of Pars-ley, whole Shallots, Chibol, bits of Roots, and Onions; boil all together about half an hour; then sift it, and boil the Whitings therein, adding one third part of Milk: When done, drain them; make a Sauce with a good Bit of Butter, a little Flour, two whole green Shallots, Pepper and Salt; put Cream sufficient to make the Sauce pretty thick; take out the Shallots; and serve upon the Fish. Merlans en Hatereaux. See Soals under this Direction.

Quenelles De Merlans, Whitings, Forced-meat Balls

Take either small or large Whitings, bone them as clear as possible, scrape the Flesh, and pound it in a mortar; boil some Bread Crumbs in Cream, until the Liquid is quite soaked; put this into the mortar with a good bit of Butter, a little chopped Parsley, Chibol, half a Shallot, Salt and Pepper, three or four Yolks of Eggs, and the Whites of them well beat up; mix it well together; have a Stew-pan of Broth on a strong fire; and when it boils hard, add a glass of white Wine to it; take a small quantity of this Farce at once, and throw it into the Broth, and so on till you have done; take care to turn them about; they require but a few minutes; take them out one by one, according as you threw them in, and put them on a sieve to drain: Serve with a good Cullis Sauce, relished with Lemon Juice.

Merlans A La Moutarde, Whitings With Mustard Sauce - Merlans Au Pontife. Whitings With Pontiff Sauce

Filets de Merlans a differentes Sauces. See Fillets of Soals.

Merlans A La Servante - Whitings In A Common Plain Manner

Skin them, and cut the Heads off, then simmer them between two ashes fires; the under Dish well rubbed with Butter, and all sorts of line chopped sweet Herbs strewed upon the Fish; turn them once or twice; when you put them on the Table Dish, pour the Sauce over them, with all the sweet Herbs.