Sauce Au Pauvre Homme - The Poor Man's Sauce

Boil half a Lemon sliced in two Spoonfuls of Broth; add two or three chopped Shallots or Chibol, Pepper and Salt. Take out the Lemon before you send it up.

Sauce Douce - Sweet Sauce

Two Glasses of red Wine, one of Vinegar, three Spoonfuls of Cullis, a Bit of Sugar, one sliced Onion, a little Cinnamon, and a Laurel Leaf; boil thesea Quarter of an Hour, sift the Sauce, and serve it up in a Boat.

Sauce Au Fumet - Sauce With Kept Game, Etc

Take the Remainder of a Hare or Rabbit roasted, after it has been served to Table, chop it in small Pieces, put it in a Stew-pan, with a Glass of white or red Wine, a little Cullis, a Bay Leaf, Thyme, a sliced Onion, a Spoonful of Vinegar, a little Broth, Pepper, and Salt; reduce it to the Consistence of Sauces, and sift it in a Sieve for Use.

Sauce Ravigotte - Relishing Sauce

Chop a Clove of Garlick, Chervil, Burnet, Taragon, Garden Cresses, and Civet, all in Proportion to their Flavour; when well washed and squeezed, infuse it with a little Cullis without boiling; sift it with Expression; then add a Bit of Butter, Flour, Pepper and Salt; boil it to a good Consistence, and add a Lemon Squeeze sufficient to make it relishing, or smart tailed.

Ravigotte Froid - The Same Cold

Take half a Head of Celery, two or three green Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, one Anchovy, a few Capers, Taragon, Chervil, Burnet, and Garden cresses, pound all together; add a little Cullis, and sift it; then add Mustard, Vinegar, Oil, Pepper, and Salt: Mix it well together, to serve cold in a Sauce Boat.

Sauce A La Madaleine - A Common Ample Sauce

Put in a Stew-pan a few Raspings of Bread, two Shallots chopped, a Bit of Butter, half a Spoonful of Vinegar, coarse Pepper and Salt, with two Spoonfuls of Consomme; boil thesea Moment, but do not let the Sauce be too thick.

Sauce A L'aspic - Sharp Sauce, Aspick

Infuse Chervil, Taragon, Burnet, Garden Cresses, and a little Mint, in some Cullis, for about an Hour; then sift in a Sieve, and add to it a Spoonful of Vinegar, Garlick, Pepper, and Salt. Serve cold in a Sauce Boat.

Sauce A La Gendarme, Military Sauce

Infuse for an Hour in Consomme, a good deal of Parsley, and three Cloves of Garlick, upon a very slow Fire; then sift it through a Sieve; add to the Sauce a boiled pounded Lettuce, three Yolks of Eggs, Butter, Pepper, Salt, and Lemon.

Sauce A La Belle-vue, A Well-looking Sauce

Take of Beef-Marrow a middling Quantity, Slices of Ham and Fillet of Veal, and a common Chicken cut in two; add two Onions, one Carrot, half a Pars-nep, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, one Clove of Gar-lick, two Heads of Cloves, a few Leaves of Taragon, Thyme, and Laurel, and a little sweet Basil; soak these till ready to catch, then add a Glass of white Wine and good Broth, and a few Mushrooms; boil on a slow Fire till the Meat is done, and sift the Liquor through a Sieve.

You may use it to what you please; and also alter the Taste by adding chopped Truffles, pounded white Meat of Fowl, pickled Cucumbers, Yolks of Eggs, Lemon, etc.