Sauce Au Persil Parsley Sauce

Pounda Handful of Parsley, and put it in a Stew-pan in good Cullis, sufficient for the Quantity of Sauce you want; simmer it a Quarter of an Hour, and sift it in a Sieve; then add some Butter rolled in Flour, make a Liaison, and lastly add a Lemon Squeeze.

Sauce A La Civette - Small Herb; Sauce Civet

Mix some good Consommee with a Glass of white Wine, and simmer it a Quarter of an Hour; add to it chopped Civet, a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, with coarse Pepper and Salt; then add a Lemon Squeeze.

Sauce A La Garonne, (a River In Gascony.) Gascoon Sauce

Boil Slices of large Onions in two Spoonfuls of Oil for a Moment; then add a Faggot of Parsley, Chi-bol, a Laurel Leaf, three of Taragon, sweet Basil, three Cloves of Garlick, three Cloves of Spices, a few Slices of Lemon, first peeled, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, and a little Broth; simmer these on a slow Fire for half an Hour, skim the Sauce, and sift it for use.

Sauce Au Fenouil - Fennel Sauce

Soak four or five sliced Onions in two Spoonfuls of Oil, two of Cullis, and two of white Wine, with two Cloves of Garlick; simmer it an Hour, skim off the Fat, and sift the Sauce in a Sieve, then add chopped Parsley and Fennel, coarse Pepper and Salt: Boil a Moment before using.

Sauce A L'amiral - Admiral's Sauce

Chop an Anchovy, Capers, seven or eight green Rocamboles, simmer them on the Fire with a little Consomme, Salt, Pepper, grated Nutmeg, and Butter rolled in Flour: When ready, add a Lemon Squeeze, or a Spoonful of Verjuice.

Sauce Royale - Royal Sauce

Cut small Slices of Veal, Lard, and Ham, scald them, and cut a Chicken in two, add two or four Shallots, and soak these until they be ready to catch; then add a Glass of Champaign, and as much Cullis, with a Spoonful of good Oil; simmer it for an Hour and a Half, skim it very clean, and lift it.

Sauce A La Flamande, Flemish Sauce

One single Clove of Garlick, one of Cloves, two Slices of peeled Lemon, coarse Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, a little Broth, a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour; soak these for a Quarter of an Hour, then take out the Lemon and Garlick, and serve with what you please.

Sauce A La Hate - Sauce In A Hurry

Roll a Bit of Butter in Flour, put it in a Stew-pan, with some good Consommee, Pepper, and Salt: Add a Lemon Squeeze when ready to serve.

Sauce A L'aigneau - Lamb Sauce

Doll a Bit of Butter in Crumbs of Bread, three Shallots chopped with Parsley, a small Quantity of good Broth, and as much white Wine; boil a short Time; when ready, add a Lemon or Orange Squeeze.

Sauce A I'avare - The Miser's Sauce

Chop five or six green Chibols, mix in a little Verjuice or Vinegar, Pepper,. Salt, and a little Water; warm it, and serve in a Sauce Boat. It may also be served cold.

Sauce Au Verjus - Verjuice Sauce

Pound green Grapes, and sift them; chop two or three green Shallots, and add Pepper and Salt, with a Spoonful of Oil; serve in a Boat.