Toasts, after an order of Friars so called. Cut pretty large pieces of Bread Crumb, and fry them in Oil; put them into the Table Dish, when properly drained; mix chopped Parsley, Shallots, Capers, Pepper, and a pounded Anchovy, with some good Oil; pour this over the Toast, and garnish round with Fillets of Anchovies soaked.

Rôties A La Genoise. Genoese Toasts

Lard a French Roll with half Ham and half Anchovies; cut it into Toasts, and add a thin slice of Bacon to each; dip them in a good thick Batter, made mostly with Eggs, fry slowly, and drain them very well with a linen cloth; serve a Ravigotte Sauce under.

Rotie A L'infante, Spanish Toast; From Infanta, Spanish Princess

Make the same Preparation as directed for Creme à la Moelle, Page 420; make an Almond-paste, which you prepare as a Toast; raise a little Border; bake them; and when cold, pour some of this Cream therein, as high as the Borders; brush it over with Whites of Eggs, beat up with Sugar; and colour them with a hot Shovel.

Rôties Au Mortier. Pounded Toasts

Have a bit of rich Paste, which put into a Mortar, with a Veal Kidney roasted, a little of the Fat, Salt and Sugar, two or three bitter Almond Biscuits, or the Almonds alone, Orange-flowers, Lemon-peel, and a little preserved Citron; pound all these together, and add four Whites of Eggs, beat up, to bind them; put this upon Bread Crumb, cut as Toasts, and bake in the Oven.

Rôtie De Bretagne. Britanny Toast

Chop all sorts of Sallading Herbs, and mix them with Salt, Pepper, Butter, and a Lemon Squeeze; serve this upon toasted Bread.

Rôties De Foies Gras - Fat Liver Toasts

Make a Farce, finely chopped, with Bread soaked in Cream, Truffles, one or two fat Livers, Marrow, Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt, all well mixed with Eggs; spread it upon pieces of Bread cut into Toasts, Bread, and Farce, much of an equal thickness; smooth them over with a Knife dipped in Yolks of Eggs; strew Bread Crumbs over, and fry them: Serve a clear Sauce under.

Rôties De Rognons De Veau - Veal Kidney Toasts

Mince a roaded Kidney, with half of its Fat; season it with Pepper and Salt, chopped Shallots, Parsley, and a little green Sweet Basil; mix it together with Yolks of Eggs, and lay it upon pieces of Bread, as the former, or cut the Bread in what shape you think proper; finish them with Bread Crumbs; put them into a Baking-dish, upon thin slices of Lard, to bake in the Oven; when done, drain the Fat off, and wipe the Bread with a Linen Cloth; serve with a little Gravy under.

Rôties Au Jambon - Ham Toasts

Cut as many thin slices of Ham as you propose making Toasts; (it must be soaked some time, except it should be quite fresh;) soak the slices of Ham, in a Stewpan, over a slow Fire; turn them once or twice, (they require but a short time to do;) take the Ham out, and fry the Bread in the Fat; you may add a little Butter; put them on the Table~dish, and the slices of Ham upon them; keep them warm: add to a little Cullis, in the same Pan, a little Vinegar, and Pepper; boil it a moment, stirring with a Spoon: Serve this Sauce upon the Toasts. - You may make the same with fresh Bacon, also pickled Pork, which is to be dipped in Batter, and fried: Serve upon fried Bread, with a little Sauce under.

Rôties De Foies De Raies, & Autres - Toasts Of Scate Livers, And Others

Mince the Livers of any sorts of Fish, also Par-sley, Shallots, Capers, Pepper and Salt; simmer it on the Fire some time, with a good bit of Butter, then let it cool; fry some Bread in Butter, cut into different shapes, and lay this Preparation upon it, and cross-bar it over with fillets of Anchovies; baste with melted Butter, and Bread Crumbs, bake in a mild Oven about half an hour on a Baking-plate, and serve with a little melted Butter, and a good Lemon Squeeze.

Rôties D L'allemande - German Toasts

The remainder of a Ragout of Salpicon will do for this as well as to make a fresh one; chop it finer than for a Ragout, and mix a little chopped Parsley and Shallots with it, and two Yolks of Eggs; reduce it very thick on the Fire; when it is cold, put it upon toasted Bread cut to what form you please; stick bits of hard Yolks in it, and rub it over with raw ones beat up; garnish with Bread Crumbs; fry in a very hot Fri-ture, or bake in the Oven: Serve a little Cullis Sauce under, with a good Lemon Squeeze. Sec Salpicon Sauce.

Rôties De Legumes, Toasts Of Garden Greens, Etc

Make a Ragout of Spinach, or any other; season it as if for the Table, without Toast; when it is cold, mix it with a few Yolks of Eggs, finish after the same manner, with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, and fry or bake it.

Rôties en Rochers, Rock, to look like Biscuits so called. Make a Cream as directed for Franchipane, Page 419. When it is cold, mix it with four Yolks of Eggs, and beat the Whites to a froth; spread the Cream upon pieces of fried Bread, cut in different shapes; mix some Sugar with the Whites, put the froth upon it indifferently, and a little rasped Sugar over; bake in a soft Oven; serve dry, hot or cold.

Rôties Fouffl'ees - Puffed Or Raised Toasts

Pound the Breast of a roasted Fowl, with some Beef Marrow, Parmesan Cheese, five Yolks of Eggs, and the Whites whipped to a froth; prepare it upon pieces of Bread cut like Toasts, and fry them in Butter; rub them over with Whites of Eggs; and garnish with Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese mixed; bake in the Oven, and serve a good relishing Cullis Sauce un-der. - You may make a Toast with Truffles, Mush-rooms or any thing else in the same manner.