Ailerons De Poulardes Ou Dindons De Différentes Facons, Pinions Of Fowls Or Turkies In Different Manners

Braze them first in a good seasoned Braze; and if you chuse to keep them white, put slices of Lemon therein; you may also braze small Onions with them, or any thing else with which you propose to garnish the Dish: When so done, you may serve them with what Sauce you please.-those of Turkies may be dressed by larding a few of them, and finishing them like a Fricandeau, with a Caramel; and the rest may be left white. Or they may be done in Jelly, or with a relishing Sauce, en Crépine, au Gratin, in Matlot, in, Fricaissee, marinated, or fried, etc.

Ailerons Composes - Shammed Pinions

You must have moulds made in the form of Pinions, Take the Skin of Fowls, such as you use for the Broth-pot or other; fill them with a well-seasoned Forced-meat, make them take the form of the moulds, and bake them in the oven: Serve with what Sauce or Ragout you think proper, Terrine d'Ailerons aux Marons, Pinions of Fowls in Tureen, with Chesnuts.

Braze as many Pinions and bits of Pickled Pork as you think fit, with proper Seasoning: Serve with a Chesnut Cullis, and a few whole ones (you wilt find how to make it in the Cullis Articles.) - You may also serve them with any other Cullis, or stewed Greens, or small Onions: - Likewise with Parmesan Cheese, giving Colour in the oven, or with a salamander:- Or you may broil them a la Sante Menehoult, Cretes en Fricassees au Blanc.

Cocks. Combs White Fricassee

Scald as many Combs as will make a small Dish and boil them in Broth and Lemon slices; put a slice of Ham into a Stew-pan with Mushrooms, a Fag got, two Cloves, half a Laurel-leaf, Thyme, and a good piece of Butter; soak these awhile, then add some good Broth, and a little Flour; sift the liquid, and put the Combs therein: Make a Liaison with Yolks of Eggs and Cream, Pepper and Salt, and a Lemon Squeeze; You may garnish them with small Forced-meat Balls, or hard Yolks of Eggs, or small Onions: You may also serve them with Sauce Robert, or Sauce Ravigotte, or any other.

Des Foyes Gras - Of Fat Livers

Fat Livers are of great utility in Cookery; as to garnish different sorts of Ragout, to mix with Forced-meat, for Petit Pates, to add to Pies, and se-veral other ules; and may also be dressed in many different ways by themselves. They may be kept several days covered with Fat, to hinder them from turning; black; and those of Fowls and Capons are the best, as they are moister than those of Turkies. - I shall dwell long on the different ways of dressing fat Livers, as they are much dearer in, England than in France; and to make either Pies or other Dishes thereof, would be attended with much expence to very little purpose. It will be sufficient to observe, that they must be brazed with proper Seasoning, to be served with any sorts of Sauces or Ragout; - half brazed for broiling, or in Cowl, or au Gratin, to be sliced, and finished as all former directions under the same denomination;-also dressed in Tureen, or Mat-lot, with other Meat; and with all sorts of Roots;-such as have been served before, may be fried, wrapped up in Forced-meat, and served again upon bits of fried Bread-also minced and done in paper cases, properly seasoned, and moistened with a little Cullis. -Although they are recommended often as part of a Forced-meat, any others may be used in their Head, as all depends more on a good taste for Seasoning, than the quality of the Meat used for any kind of Farce.