Cailles A La Flamande - Quails Flemish Fashion

Truss six Quails as for boiling, put them into a small Pot with a scalded Savoy cut into quarters and tied, and half a pound of Pickled Pork; boil thee together about half an hour, then take them out, drain the Water from the Cabbage, untie it, and put all together into a Stew-pan with some good Broth, Pepper, Salt, two Cloves, and a Faggot: When all are well brazed, dress them on the Dish intermixed, and serve upon them a good Cullis and Butter Sauce, with a few drops of Vinegar therein. - You may also braze as many Quails as you think proper, with an equal number of Craw-fish and Truffles: The braze being sifted and skimmed, add a little Cullis, and a Lemon Squeeze for Sauce. This is called Cailles Accompagnées.

Cailles Au Laurier - Quails With Laurel

Stuff the Quails with a Farce made of their Livers, scraped Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper Salt, and one Laurel-leaf, chopped very fine; roast them, first wrapped in slices of Lard, and then in Paper; put a slice of Ham into a small Stew-pan, and simmer it some time; when it begins to stick to the Pan, throw in a glass of white Wine, a little Cullis, and half a clove of Garlick; reduce it to a good consistence, sift it, and add a Lemon Squeeze: When: ready, put the Quails, each upon a Laurel-leaf, and serve the Sauce upon the Birds.

Cailles En Ragout, En Matelotte, Et Au Gratin, Etc

Quails in Ragout, Matlot, or Glazed, They are all done in the same manner as Chickens, and may be dressed in all the different ways of any other Birds. As they are neither very good, nor very plentiful in England, I shall pass over any further directions about them.