These different kinds of Birds are commonly eaten roasted, but they may also be dressed in many different ways. I shall observe in regard to Thrushes, that they are much more valued in France than in England, and for a very good reason, as they feed mostly upon Grapes, which gives them a very agreeable flavour; and it is only those which are esteem-ed: The common Wood-thrushes are the same as in England.

Pluviers A La Perigord, Plovers With Truffles

Braze them with Veal, Ham, and Truffles, and all other proper Seasoning, a glass of Wine and Broth; sift and skim the Braze, and add a good Lemon Squeeze when ready to serve. - You may also roast them stuffed in the same manner as Wood-cocks, and serve with any sorts of Ragout. - Or you may serve them au Gratin, making a Forced-meat with the Livers, etc. as all other Dishes under the same denomination; braze the-Plovers, put them upon the Gratin, and serve with a very good Cullis Sauce. It is needless to say much about Thrushes; however, they may be dressed in all the different ways of Pigeons; a good Sauce will make any thing relishing and palatable for the sake of change.