TO make a Ragout, put them into a Stew-pan with a bit of Butter, some Mushrooms, a Faggot, a slice of HamI and a scalded Sweet-bread cut into pieces; simmer these a moment, then add a tittle Broth, a glass of Wine, Pepper and Salt, and reduce the Sauce: When almost done, add a little Cullis, and take out the Faggot and the Ham. - If you would have them stewed, you will prepare them at first in the same manner, but without Sweet-bread, instead of which use small Onions, first scalded: When three parts done, add a little Cullis, a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, and half a spoonsful of Verjuice, or a Lemon Squeeze. - You may also mix with them Cabbage Lettuces, boiled in good Broth; or serve with any sorts of stewed Greens or Cullis.

Alouettes En Cerises - Larks In The Form Of Cherries

Bone the Larks thoroughly, and roll the Meat in the form of Cherries, sticking one Leg into each, and braze them with proper Seasoning: When done, add a little Cullis and Gravy; put the Cherries on the Dish for table, the Legs upwards; sift and skim the Sauce, squeeze an Orange into it, and serve upon the Meat.