Coulis Blanca` La Bourgeoisie - White Family Cullis

Pound about a Dozen of Coriander Seeds with half a Dozen of bitter Almonds sealed, and mix this with Bread Crumbs soaked in good Broth, and Broth sufficient to make it to what Consistence you please; sift it in a Lawn Sieve, and add four raw Yolks of Eggs, beat up with Cream; make the Liaison without boiling.

Coulis De Fèves De Marais - Cullis Of Garden Beans

Scald the Beans, to peel the Husks off; boil them in Broth to a Mash with Parsley, a sew green Shallots, and a little Winter-savory; then sift it to Marmalade, and mix it with middling Meat Cullis. It ought to be of pale green Colour, well seasoned, and not too thick, as all those Cullis thicken greatly in cooling.

Coulis De Lentilles, Lentil Cullis

Make a Meat-gravy as before, with Veal and Ham, Onions, Parsley, Chibbol, two Cloves, and Wintersavory; soak it till it catches; then add Broth, and simmer it till the Meat is done; then your Lentils being well boiled in Broth, and pounded, sift them, and put the Porridge into the Stew-pan, and boil a Moment; then take the Meat out, and sift your Cullis in a Stamine. It is a very well tasted Cullis, but must not be made too thick.

Coulis De Pois - Peas Cullis

Green Peas Cullis is made by boiling the Peas in good Broth, with a Faggot of Parsley, Chibbol, and a little Winter-savory; sift them into a Porridge, with the Broth of the Boiling. Dried Peas are also boiled in Broth, and sifted into a Porridge, and mixt in a Cullis, such as you have for the former; to make it green, add Juice of pounded Spinage.

Coulis De Navets - Turnip Cullis

Peel and cut the Turnips each into five or six Pieces; fry them in Hog's Lard, to give them a fine yellow, or brown Colour; then boil them in good Broth till they are fit to mash to a Marmalade; when mashed, add some good Gravy and Cullis, and sift through a Stamine. This will serve for Soups and Tureens; or, if for other Use, such as to mask any Kind of Meat under, let it be thicker in the sifting, by adding less Gravy and Cullis.

Cullis d'Haricots, viz. Cullis of Beans, is made after the same Manner.

Coulis De Marons, Chesnut Cullis

PRepare your Stew-pan with sliced Veal and Ham, as before; peel the first Husk off the Chesnuts, and roast them until you can peel off the second; boil in Broth to a Marmalade; take the Meat out of your Con-fortune, and add the Chesnuts; Boil a short Time, and sift all together: if you would have it pretty thick, put less Broth to keep it of a thicker Consistence.

Des Bouillons, Jus, & Coulis Maigres. Of Meagre Broth, Gravies, And Cullis

For the common or soaking Broth, wash a proper Quantity of dried Peas several Times in warm Water; then boil them in Water with a sew large Onions, sliced Carrots, Parsneps, a sew Heads of Cloves, whole Pepper, and a little Salt; boil this together till the Peas are almost done; then take it off the Fire, and let it settle to sift through a Sieve. This Broth will serve for the same Purpose, as the first directed with Meat, viz. to make your Meagre Gravies, Cullis, etc. The Peas, with a little more Boiling and Mashing, may be used as Porridge with whatever is most convenient.