Bouillon Maigre Pour Les Potages De La Table. Meager Broth For Soups

Scald all Sorts of Roots, as Onions, Parsley-roots, Carrots, Parsneps, half a Savoy, Turnips, Leeks, and Celery; boil all together in Peas Broth, as directed above; Put it into a clean Bag called a Minionette, with a small Quantity of long Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Mace, a Clove of Garlick, Shallots, and Winter-savory; Boil till the Greens are done; and to give it a good Colour, make a brown Gravy with sliced Onions, and other Roots, and Butter; when it yields a proper Colour, as in all Cullis, salt it according to Taste, and mix it together. It will serve you to make what Soups you please.

This Minionette consists of the Long-pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, and Mace, tied together in a Bit of Linen Cloth.

Bouillon De Poisson. Fish Broth

Take what Kind of Fish you think proper, as Pikes, Eels, Carps, etc. cut in Slices, and put them into your Stew-pan with a little Butter, sliced Onions, a Faggot of Parsley, Thyme, Bay-leaf, Basil, a Clove of Garlick, Carrots, and Parsneps; soak it until it forms a slight Glaze in the Bottom; add to it of the former Broth, and boil on a slow Fire for about an Hour; sift it clear. It will serve for Soups and Sauces.

Jus Maigre, Meagre Gravy, Melt a proper Quantity of good Butter, and fry sliced Onions in it, with such other Roots as are used for Gravies; soak it some Time on a slow Fire, then on a stronger to bring it to a proper Gravy Colour; then add some of the common Broth and a little Par-sley, half a Clove of Garlick, half a Laurel Leaf, three Cloves, whole Pepper and Salt; boil slowly for about an Hour, then sift it as usual for Gravies.

Coulis Maigre. Meager Cullis

Take what Fish you think proper; the best. and most common is Carp; cut it in large Pieces, and put it into your Stew-pan with a little Butter, sliced Onions, and other Roots; soak it a while on a slow Fire, then on a stronger, until it forms a Caramel; then put half Broth and half Gravy; fry some Flour with good Butter, and add it to your Cullis, alsoa Bit of Garlick, a Leaf of Laurel, a Gill of white wine, a Couple of Slices of Lemon first peeled, and Mushrooms; boil half an Hour on a slow Fire, and skim it well before you sift it. If you desirea simple Cullis, make a Caramel with Flout and Butter; when it is of a good Colour, add Broth and Onion Gravy sufficient to Colour it; add some Mush-rooms, Parsley, Garlick, Thyme, sweet Basil, and a Glass of white Wine; boil for an Hour on a slow Fire, and skim the Fat clear off; sift it for Use, Coulis d'Oignom en Maigre. Onions Cullis Meagre.

Cut Onions into large Slices, and set them on a brisk Fire, with Butter, till it catches; add two Spoonfuls of Flour, which stir continually till it is well coloured; then add Broth, a Glass of white Wine, two Heads of Cloves, a Bay-leaf, Thyme and Basil; boil it for an Hour, skim it well, salt it according to the Taste, and sift it in a Stamina, Coulis Coulis Maigrea` la Reine. Queen's Cullis Meager.

Cut a Carp in large Slices, and Onions, soak it with good Butter on a slow Fire; when the Carp is ready to catch, add some Broth of a natural Colour, and boil it on a slow Fire; soak some Crums of Bread in Cream; and pound a Dozen of sweet Almonds, with half as many hard Yolks of Eggs, and a few Fillets of boiled Fish; sift your Extract of Carp; mix all together and sift it again: when you use it afterwards, it must only be properly heated, without being suffered to boil. Chesnut Cullis is made after the same Manner as the former, only the Difference of Meat Broth or without.