Large Turnips, Carrots, Parsneps, and Leeks, are boiled in Broth, to give it a proper flavour; and are also used to garnish. many sorts of Dishes. Ra-violes are small round Radishes; they are commonly eaten raw, as Sallad, as well as the common long Radishes.

Navets En Cardons. Turnips As Cardoons

Take some long Turnips, (commonly called French Turnips) and cut each into quarters length-ways, in the shape of Cardoons: You may give them the true resemblance, by cutting ribs as in Cardoons: Braze them in the same manner, and serve with the same kind of relishing Sauce. - This sort of Turnips is also very good to stew in their own Juice, with a bit of Butter, Pepper and Salt. - The Turnips are either cut into fillets, or boiled whole, and served with any Sauce, either white or brown.

Ravioles & Raves De Plusieurs Fašons

Turnip-radishes, and common Radishes, different ways. The first may be used hot, as a Last-course Dish; peel them as Turnips, or only scrape them as Carrots; boil them in plain Water to three parts, then drain, and finish the boiling in good Consommee; keep them on a slow Fire a good while, that they may-take the taste thoroughly, and season with Pepper and Salt: When ready to serve, add a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, and make a Liaison pretty thick; or instead of Butter, add some good Cullis.

Another Method

When three parts boiled in Water, finish them in Sugar-syrup, and dip them in Wine Batter to fry. The second sort is dressed after the same manner.