Coulis Maigre De Navet - Turnip Cullis Meager

Peel and cut as many Turnips, (each in four or five Pieces,) as you require of Cullis; if you would have it of a brown Colour, boil them to a Marmalade, and fry them some time in Butter; if for a natural Colour, boil them, without frying, in common Broth to a Marmalade; then mix this with Fish Gravy and Cullis, and sift it in a Stamina, like other thick Cullis. It serves for Soups or any other Use.

Lentil Cullis is made after the former Direction, only observing the Difference of Broth, etc.

Coulis De Pois Maigre - Meager Peas Cullis

Boil green Peas in Fish Broth and Butter, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibbol, and Winter Savory; when well done, pound them, and sift with the Broth of their boiling, and add a little Gravy.

White Beans Cullis is made after the same Direction. All Roots, Seeds, and Herbs may be done after the same Manner, to the Consistence of a Cullis.