Marmelade De Pommes & De Poires

Marmalade of Apples and Pears. Peel Golden Pippins, and cut them into thin slices; boil them in a little Water till very tender, and sift in a Sieve; put the Marmalade on the Fire to reduce the liquid; then add as much weight of Sugar d la grande Plume, simmer a little while on a slow Fire, stirring continually, to incorporate it with the Sugar; pour it into the Pot, and let it cool very well before covering. - That of Pears is done the same.

Marmelade D'Orange - Orange Marmalade

This is mostly made with China Oranges: Cut each into quarters, and squeeze out the Juice; take off the hard parts at both ends, and boil in Water until they are quite tender; squeeze them to extract the Water, and pound them in the Mortar to a Marmalade to sift; mix it with an equal weight of raw Sugar, and boil till it turns to a Syrup: The proportions are, for keeping, two pounds of Sugar to one pound of Marmalade.

Of Plumbs. Stone them, and boil a moment with a little Water; sift as the former; soak the Marmalade a little while on the Fire, and then mix it with as much Sugar au Casse, (twelfth Degree) and finish as before.

Marmelade D'abricots - Apricot Marmalade

Peel and stone them, and pound the Kernels sepa-rate; boil the Apricots on a clear Fire, with a little Water, and three quarters of a pound, or a pound of Sugar to each pound of Fruit; (this is to be judged of according to their ripeness) bruise them in the boiling with a wooden Spoon, and boil till it sticks to the fingers pretty hard, by joining two together; then take it off the Fire to put into Pots, adding the Kernels to it a moment before. - It is also done by boiling the Apricots to a Marmalade alone, and mixing with an equal weight of Sugar au Casse; boil a moment to mix together, and finish as the first.

Marmelade-marmelade De Fleurs D'orange - Orange-slower Marmalade

When properly picked, scald them a moment, and put them in Water which has been warmed, and a little Allum dissolved therein; boil some other Water, with a good Lemon Squeeze in it, and put the flowers in it a few minutes till they feel tender; sift them from this Water, and put them into fresh, with a Lemon Squeeze also; then drain them in a Napkin to pound, and mix them with Sugar, prepared au petit Lisse, (first Degree) after clarification; pour them gently to mix the better without boiling; the proportion is five pound of Sugar to two of Orange Marmalade; finish as usual.

Marmelade De Cerises - Cherry Marmalade

Trim the Tails, stone them, and boil with the proportion of half a pound of Sugar, (grande Plume) to a pound of Cherries, boil till it comes to a good consistence.

De Framboises: Rasberries

Bruise and sift them through a Sieve; reduce to half on the Fire, then mix them with half a pound of Sugar, as the last, to a pound of Fruit.

De Groseilles: Of Goosberries

Boil them a moment, or only scald them in boiling Water; sift, and finish by the same proportion as the Rasberries.

De Violettes: Of Violets

Pick them very well, and pound them quite to a Juice; mix them with Sugar prepared as before: The proportion is five pounds of Sugar to one of Violets.

Marmelade D'amandes & D'abricots Verts: Of Green Almonds And Apricots

Rub the Down off either Almonds or Apricots, and boil them in Water till very tender; sift as usual, and reduce to about half on the Fire; mix an equal weight of Sugar (au Casse) without boiling, and finish as all others.

De Coigns: Of Quinces. Sift as most others, and mix in the proportion of five pounds of Sugar to four of Quinces: If you would have it red, mix Cochineal with it.