Carpe Au Court-bouillon, & Au Bleu - Stewed Carp, Blue Sauce

When the Carp is gutted, and well washed, lay it on a Dish, and pour a glass or two of boiling Vinegar upon it, to turn it blue; tie it up in a linen cloth, and put it into a Brazing-pan, with a good bit of Butter, red Wine according to the bigness of the Fish, with one third part of Water, dices of Onions, bits of Carrots, Parsley, Shallots, Cloves, slices of Lemons, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt; (the Broth ought to be pretty high seasoned;) sift it for the Sauce, and serve some upon the Fish, and some in a boat; or without Sauce upon a napkin, and garnished with green Parsley, and Sauces in boats.

Carpe A La Bourgogne. Carp With Red Wine

Make a little Stuffing with Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; stuff the Carp with it, and put it into a fish-kettle much of its own bigness, with two or three spoonfuls of Broth, one bottle of Burgundy, or Port Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two sliced Onions, bits of Carrots, Parsley-roots, whole Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg, and boil it over a smart fire: When done, drain the Carp, sift the Sauce without skimming, reduce it rather thick, and serve upon the Fish, with fried Bread round it.

Carpe La Financiere

A Manager of the King's or Public Money, and mostly rich and expensive.

Clean a large Carp properly; open it on the side to gut it, and be very careful not to break the Gall, then skin it thinly on the whole side, and lard it finely: Make a Ragout sufficient to fill it, with Sweet-breads, Truffles, Mushrooms, and fat Livers; boil these together, properly seasoned, with two glasses of white Wine, a bit of Butter, Gravy, and Cullis: When it is reduced to the Consistence of a thick Ragout let it cool, stuff the Carp with it, and few it up fast; braze it with slices of Ham and Veal, covered over with slices of Lard, slices of Onions, bits of Roots, one clove of Garlick, a large faggot of Par-sley, green Shallots, two or three Cloves, Thyme, and Laurel; soak it some time on a slow fire, then add Wine and Broth in equal quantities, sufficient to cover the whole, with Pepper and Salt; braze it slowly: When done, drain the Carp, and glaze the larded side with a good Veal Glaze; lay it on the Dish you intend for table, and garnish it round with what von please, as Craw-fish, Truffles, large Cocks-combs, small Partridges, Whites of Fowls, or Pigeons glazed: Serve with a Spanish Sauce, which you will pour upon the places that arc not glazed, or some of its own Sauce, properly reduced and seasoned.

Carpe Farcie La Gendarme. Carp Stuffed, The Military Fashion

Clean and chop a good handful of Sorrel, and stew it with Butter, Bread Crumbs, Parsley, Shallots, and Cream; let it be thick: When done, mix three hard Yolks of Eggs chopped, and three raw, Pepper and Salt; stuff a Carp with it, few it up close, and marinate it about an hour or two in Oil, Salt, whole Pepper, Shallots, Parsley, one clove of GarY 4 lick, a few Leaves of Basil, Thyme and Laurel; then broil it, basting with the Marinate: Make a Sauce with chopped Mushrooms and Butter; simmer these about a quarter of an hour, then add a little Flour, chopped Capers, Shallots, Parsley, two or three Anchovies, Butter, and Broth sufficient to make Sauce enough; boil all together a little while, and when ready, add a little Vinegar, or a good Lemon Squeeze: Serve under the Fish.