Ouille Au Bain Marie, Hochpot Of All Sorts Of Meat

Take an earthen Pot well scalded, and put into it four pounds of sliced Beef, one pound of Loin of Mutton, two pounds of Fillet of Veal, one Partridge, a Fowl, two large Onions, two heads of Cloves, one Carrot, and a quart of Water; put a Paste made of Flour and Water round the Cover to keep in the steam; place this Pot within another somewhat larger, and fill up the vacancy between the two Pots with Water; let them simmer or stew for seven or eight hours, taking care to supply the outer Pot with boiling Water, so that the Meat in the inner Pot may be kept constantly stewing; when done, sift the Broth through a sieve, let it settle, and then sift it a second time through a Napkin: Serve the Meat and Broth together in a Tureen.

N. B. I have given this according to the Author; but I shall ob-serve, that any Butchers Meat or Poultry may be equally well dressed without the Bain Marie (or one Pot boiling in another) provided only, that, after the Pot is well skimmed, you stop down the Steam very close, and stew on a very slow Fire.

Salamalec - Salamalec - A Fancy Dish, Or Tureen

Put slices of Beef into the bottom of a Soup-pot or Brazing-pan, with two or three spoonfuls of Broth; upon this place a Neck of Mutton properly pared, a couple of Partridges trussed as for boiling, one large Rabbit cut in quarters and larded, a few thick Sausages, a bit of Ham first boiled some time in Water, a few whole Onions, Carrots, Parsneps, a faggot of sweet Herbs, Salt and whole Pepper; simmer on a slow Fire about six hours; when the Meat is done drain it, wipe the Fat off clean, and lay it properly intermixed in the Dish or Tureen you intend to serve; sift the Sauce and skim it very well; add a little chopped Chervil, give it boiling, and serve upon the Meat.

Financiere - Meaning A Rich Expensive Dish

Take a Head of Salmon, pretty long, of about five or six pounds, and clean it as for boiling; lard the upper part with fine Lardons, fill it with a Ragout of Sweet Herbs, Truffles, or Mushrooms, and fasten It so as the Ragout don't get out. Take a Brazing-pan much of the bigness of the Salmon, and place therein slices of Lard and Veal, one or two slices of Ham, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, two Cloves, a bit of Nutmeg, a Laurel Leaf, Thyme, and a few sliced Onions and Roots; soak these on a slow Fire about an hour, then put in the Salmon, being well tied; add some good Broth, a pint of white Wine, Pepper and Salt, and simmer about an hour. While this is doing, boil six small Pigeons, as many small Fricandeaux (called Grenadins)a dozen of large Craw-fish, and as many Truffles peeled; prepare also a Glaze with Veal rod Ham: When all are ready, place the Salmon upon the Dish, and the second preparation intermixed round it; glaze the Meat, but not the Salmon: For Sauce, mix some good Consommée and Cullis, with a glass of white Wine, and a little Pepper and Salt; give it a boil, and serve upon the Meat placed round the Salmon.