TO one pint of blood, put two pounds of Lard, half a pint of Cream, Salt, and fine Spices; boil half a Dozen of large Onions in fat Broth, with a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, Pepper and Salt, and half a handful of Coriander tied in a lin-nen cloth; when the Onions are very tender, chop them fine, mix them with the Blood, and fill the Guts, but not too full; when well tied put them in boiling water: you will know when they are done, by pricking them with a pin, if the Fat comes out instead of the Blood.

Boudins De Saint Germain, St. Germain Puddings

Cut several Onions into dice, and boil them quite tender in the quantity of Hog's Lard you propose to mix with the, Blood; season with Salt and fine Spices, and finish as the former.

Boudins Fins

Fine, delicate Puddings, better than the former.

Chop eight or ten Onions very fine, and put them into a Stew-pan, with a quarter of a pound of Lard; simmer very slowly till they are quite done; take them off the fire, add half a pint of Cream, a pint of Hog's Blood, six yolks of raw Eggs, two pound of Lard cut in small dice, Salt, and fine Spices; mix all well together, and finish as in the former directions.

Boudins Blancs - White Puddings

Boila dozen of Onions in fat Broth, with a faggot of Parsley, Chibol, two Shallots, three Cloves, Thyme, Basil, a little Coriander tied in a bag, Salt and Pepper; boil them till no liquor remains, and mash them very fine; boil alsoa handful of Bread Crumbs in a pint of Milk, until it becomes of the consistence of a soft paste, and mix it with the Onions; pound a quarter of a pound of sweet Almonds, and sift them in a stamine with half a pint of warm Cream; add eight yolks of raw Eggs, half a pound of Lard, cut in small dice, Breasts of roasted Poultry chopped very fine, Salt, and fine Spices; mix all well together, and boil as the former. They require but a short time, and ought to be pricked with a pin to hinder them from bursting. They will be the better for being boiled in-Milk.

Bondins Blancs Communs - Common White Puddings

Boil Onions as the preceding, according to what quantity you please; chop them very fine, and mix them with Bread Crumbs soaked in Cream, and sifted in a sieve; add half a pound of Lard cut small, eight raw yolks of Eggs, Salt and Spices; mix it very well, and boil in boiling water.

Boudins De Foyes De Merlans - Puddings Of Whitings Livers

Have about two dozen of Whitings Livers according to their bigness; wash them very clean, and cut them small; give them a fry in Hog's Lard, then let them cool; boil a couple of sliced Onions in three half pints of Cream, with one chopped Shallot, Parsley, half a Laurel Leaf, and a little Basil, until the Cream is reduced to half; then sift in a sieve, and add eight or ten yolks of Eggs, half a pound of Flee cut into dice, and the fried Livers, with salt and fine Spices: don't fill the Guts too much for fear they should burst; boil in boiling Water about a quarter of an hour. When you use them broil them in paper cases, as white Puddings. - This may be done with the Livers of any other kind of Fish.

Boudins De Foyes Gras. Fat Liver Puddings

TO make eight links of Puddings, chop eight fat Livers very fine; boil six Onions in fat Broth, with a faggot of Parsley, Chibol, half a clove of Garlick, two of Spices, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, and a little Coriander, tied up in a Bag; when thoroughly done, take out the faggot, and chop the Onions very fine; add half a pound of Lard cut into dice, half a pint of Cream, three half pints of Hog's Blood, Salt, and fine Spices; mix all well together, put it over the Fire, just to warm it, during it continually for fear the Blood should stick to the Bottom; when it comes to a proper Consistence, finish as all former directions.

Boudins D'Ecrevisses - Craw-fish. Puddings

Boil half an Hundred of Craw-fish for about a Quarter of an Hour, then pick the Tails, which you cut into small Dice; pound the Shells and Spawn, and simmer them in Butter for about an Hour; then drain them in a Stamine, as to make Craw-fish Butter; boil the Tails with the White of Fowls roasted, and finely chopped, Bread Crumbs soaked in Cream, eight raw Yolks of Eggs, a few Onions roasted, two fat Livers cut small, half a Pound of Flee also cut small, and the Craw-fish. Butter; add two or three Spoonfuls of good Cullis, Salt, and fine Spices, and finish as the fat Liver Puddings.

Boudins De Faisand - Pheasant Puddings

Mince the Meat of a roasted Pheasant very fine, chop the Bones small, and soak them about three Hours in a Pint of Cream; boil half a Dozen Onions in fat Broth, with a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, one clove of Garlick, two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt; let it boil till the Liquid is quite reduced to a thick consistence; chop the Onions very fine, and mix them with the Meat, adding Bread Crumbs soaked in Cream and sifted, and the Cream wherein you soaked the Bones; add eight Yolks of raw Eggs, three quarters of a pound of Lard cut small, Salt, and fine Spices: When mixed well, finish as all the former.

Boudins De Lapins - Rabbit Puddings

Roast a good large Rabbit, or two small ones, till three Parts done; chop all the Meat very fine, with the Liver, and soak the Bones as in the last directions; finish them in the same manner. - Puddings-may be made of all sorts of Poultry or Game.