Andouilles De Cochon. Pork Chitterlings, Or Large Sausages

According to the length and bigness you would have them, cut the large Guts in proportion, and when they are very clean, marinate them five or six hours in a glass of white Wine, two cloves of Gar-lick, Thyme, Laurel, and Basil; then cut fresh Pork and some of the Lard and Fat Guts into Fillets; mix all together, seasoned with a little pounded Aniseed, Salt, and fine Spices, and fill the Guts; (not too full, for fear they should burst;) when well tied at both ends, put them in a vessel just of their length, and boil them with half Water and Milk, Salt and Pepper, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, a clove of Garlick, three Spice Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, and a little of the Lard; when done, let them cool in their Broth, and wipe them well before you broil them. You may also hang them to smoke, and they will keep a long time.

Andouilles De Boeuf - Beef Chitterlings

Take Beef's Guts well cleaned as the former, and soak them in the same manner; cut into Fillets Beef Palates and Tripes, both first boiled till three parts done; also cut into small pieces, Cow's Udder and Pickled Pork; mix all these together, adding sliced Onions first fried in Lard or Butter, three or four raw Yolks of Eggs, Salt, and fine Spices; then fill the Guts, and boil them about half an hour in fat Broth, with half a pint of white Wine, a faggot as the former, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, sliced Carrots and Parsneps; let them cool in their Liquor. Instead of the Beef's Palates, you may use the Tongue.

Andouilles De Veau - Veal Chitterlings

Scald a Calf's Chaudron and some Udder about a quarter of an hour, and then cut them into Fillets with a pound of Pickled Pork; mix all together, and add a few chopped Shallots, Salt, fine Spices, three or four spoonfuls of good Cream, and four Yolks of Eggs; finish these as all the former.

Andouilles De Rouen - Chitterlings In The Rouen Fashion

Take a Calf's or Lamb's Chaudron, and some Pork Flee, and cut them into small pieces; season them with a little pounded Aniseed, Salt, and fine Spices; boil them in Milk and fat Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, and a few sliced Onions; let them cool in the Liquor in which they are boiled.

Andoullles A L'angloise

Chitterling English Fashion, Fry sliced Onions in Butter till they are half done; cut Calves Ears and Lambs Chaudrons, first boiled, into small bits; cut also some Pickled Pork, fresh Lard, and Breast of Fowl, and mix all together with the Onions, adding a few chopped Shallots, a little Parsley, Salt, and fine Spices; boil them in fat Broth, with half a pint of white Wine, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, Salt, and a faggot; finish as all the former,.

Andouilles De Gibier - Chitterlings Made Of Game

Take all the Flesh of a good kept Rabbit, a Calf's Chaudron, Fresh Lard, and sliced Onions half fried in Lard or Butter; mix all together, adding Salt and fine Spices, chopped Shallots, Nutmeg, and Powder of Basil; finish them as all the rest. When you want to use them, dip them in the Fat of their boiling, and roll them in Bread Crumbs to broil - You may make the same with any sorts of Game.