Huitres Grillées - Broiled Oysters

Melt a little Butter with chopped Parsley, Shallots, a little Powder of Basil, and coarse Pepper; put a little of this into each Oyster, roll it in Bread Crumbs, and broil quickly; (they may be broiled singly, or in their shells with this Seasoning) colour the top with a hot Salamander. - They are also broiled with Bread Crumbs mixed with Yolks of Eggs, a little Pepper and Butter, and done in the Shells.

Huitres Frites - Fried Oysters

Marinate some large Oysters with Vinegar, chopped sweet Herbs, and Pepper; drain them to dip in a thick Batter to fry: Serve with fried Parsley.

Huitres En Ragout - Ragout Of Oysters

Scald them in their own liquor without boiling; then drain them, and prepare a Sauce with some good Broth or Cullis, a piece of Butter, some Pepper, chopped Parsley, and a spoonful of good Oil; simmer the Oysters a little while therein; make the Sauce pretty thick, and add a Lemon Squeeze when ready to serve. - They are also dressed like a Chicken Fri-cassee, or in Rolls, with Bechamel Sauce.

Huitres sautées. Oysters jumped, or done in a hurry.

TO do them quickly, and to eat them hot, without any other preparation, put them on a Gridiron upon a smart Fire, and hold a hot Salamander over them, which will make them open very soon: Serve quite hot; or if you have a hot Oven, put them in it, which will answer the same end with less trouble.

Huitres A L'espagnole - Oysters, Spanish Fashion, Or With Spanish Sauce

Make a little Farce to form a Gratin in the bottom of the Table-dish, with a few chopped Oysters, Parsley, one clove of Garlick, a bit of Butter and Pepper; put scalded Oysters upon this; pour a little Sauce over, made of a little Cullis, chopped Mush-rooms, a bit of Butter, chopped Capers, and one pounded Anchovy; cover it over with Bread Crumbs, keep the Dish on a slow Fire, and a Brazing-pan Cover over it, with Fire thereon: When ready, serve a little Spanish. Sauce upon it.

Huitres A L'etuvee. Stewed Oysters

Scald three or four dozen of Oysters in their liquor a moment; then strain the Water in a Napkin for fear it should be sandy; put it into a Stew-pan, with two or three spoonfuls or good Cullis, coarse Pepper, chopped Parsley, green Shallots, and a glass of white Wine; boil it, and reduce it pretty thick; put the Oysters into it to warm without boiling, and garnish the Dish round with fried Bread.

Huitres En Coquilles - Scolloped Oysters

This has been observed already. - Hatelet d'Huitres; scald the Oysters as usual, without boiling; drain them well, and give them a few turns in a Stew-pan on the Fire, with a good bit of Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper, and a few Yolks of Eggs; then Skewer them with as much of the Sauce as pos-sible, strew them with Bread Crumbs, and broil a little while: Serve without Sauce.

Huitres en Surtout, This is done in the same manner as the Coquilles, only with a Farce made of Fish and good Season-ing: You may also make a Farce by chopping the Oysters, and mixing them with Bread Crumbs soaked in Cream, Shallots, Parsley, Mushrooms, a few Yolks of Eggs, Pepper, and a little Salt; fill the Scollops with it; put Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese over, and bake in the Oven about a quarter of an hour. - Moules, Mufsels, are dressed in all the different ways of Oysters.