According to the quantity wanted, use Knuckle of Veal, a Cock Fowl, or half a one, and Water sufficient; skim it very well, and boil it until the Meat is quite done; sift it in a Sieve, and skim the Fat clean off; let it rest to settle; then pour the clear into a Stew-pan, and boil it with Lemon-peel and Juice according to Discretion, a little Salt and Sugar, three or four Eggs, the Whites beat up and the Shells pounded; stir it continually until it grows, clear, and is reduced enough to turn to Jelly; dip a Napkin in warm Water to take out any smell it might have; strain it, and tie it on a Jelly-stand; strain the Jelly several times through, keeping it in a warm place while it is {training, and pour it into the moulds or glasses before it is cold.

Pled de Veau, Calves-feet Jelly, is made after the same manner, mixing what quality and quantity of Wine you please therewith.

H H Gelée Gelée De Blanc - Mange

Make a Meat Jelly as the former, as far as mixing the Eggs, which must here be omitted; when you think it is reduced enough for a Jelly, add some pounded sweet Almonds mixed with Cream, and strain through a Napkin several times like a Cullis, while it is warm, rubbing it hard with a spoon in sifting to make it taste of the Almonds; pour it into what should you please to cool upon Salt or Ice: It should not be too substantial, yet it ought to be very white. - Blancmange is also made with Almond-milk, Cream, and Isinglass, to make it form to a Jelly: The Isinglass should be used with moderation, as it is apt to give a bad taste to whatever it is used with.

Continuation de Petits Plats d'Entremets. Small Last-course Dishes continued.